Yet more INCD/XP problems

  ronlove 13:01 18 Jul 2003

On startup I get a bubble telling me that INCD causes XP to be unstable and that it has prevented from loading. I have been onto Roxio and looked at all your previous comments and umpteen updates and tried them all to no avail. Simply uninstalling seems to leave something nasty in the register. The latest thing I have from Roxio frightens the life out of me by using such terms as Safe Mode, Administer and MSCONFIG.
Is there no easy way to rid myself of INCD?
Please help, I have been sweating so long I am running out of blood !!
Old Ron

  spikeychris 17:49 18 Jul 2003

Ron, have you un-installed it? if so what has it left in the reg?

Safe mode: > just hit F8 whilst the machine is booting up and you can select safe mode from there. What it does is load the minimum amount of drivers needed to run the machine without starting Windows. You can perform a lot of tweaking in safe mode as Windows will not be using the system.

MSCONFIG: > is a shortcut to msconfig.exe, you just have to type MSCONFIG into run and hit enter. The advise you will have received will no doubt have told you to disable the startup message. You would just have to click on the startup tab and un-tick INCD. You Will not be bothered by the message again.

You will be asked to restart your machine, when it reboots you Will get another box appearing on-screen saying something like 'Windows is using selective startup', just tick the don't show the box again.

There is a patch (update) for INCD, if you click here you can download it. You will however have to have INCD installed for it to work.

Its 5Meg and should repair the fault you have with XP.


  Smiler 19:28 18 Jul 2003

Why are you talking about Roxio when INCD is part of Nero. If you follow the link given by spikeychris and use this update you should solve your problem. I have INCD on my laptop with Windows XP Home no problems.

  Smiler 19:45 18 Jul 2003

Just been on nero site and cannot access the download in the link above. Nero 6 was released today and it may be causing download problems as a lot of people will be trying to get the new program.

  anniesboy68 20:28 18 Jul 2003

Nero 6 is not for us OEM people!!!

  ronlove 16:38 19 Jul 2003

Many thanks to Spikey @ Smiler.
I have only just been able to get back on my machine and have uploaded your suggestion Spikey and I still get the bubble stating that Devices or Applications are disabled.
I now have patches INCD 4017, INCD 35240 and INCD 551042 installed should I keep them all or set fire to them with Windows ?
Many thanks again, RonL

  ronlove 11:25 29 Jul 2003

Many thanks to all you good people in response to my problems. I have tried all your suggestions and loaded all updates and patches I have independantly found as well as all the ones you have suggested to no avail. So with all limbs crossed and with baited breath I went through the SAFE mode / MSCONFIG route but even whilst SAFE mode is loading I get the bubble stating there is conflict and Drivers or Applications are disabled. Any other thoughts anybody or do I have uninstall/install XP.
Come on you brainy lot get an old sod out of his hole
Cheers all.

  spikeychris 18:21 29 Jul 2003

Ron, easy way out >> use system restore to go back to a time before you installed the program.


  anniesboy68 20:04 29 Jul 2003

Go for a re-format Ron, it gets rid of all the rubbish you will have accumulated, and you will have a nice clean disk with no problems. However that wipes the disk clean so you will have to re load all your software which takes time including all the update from microsoft

  ronlove 08:53 30 Jul 2003

Chris, Many thanks again but it was all loaded when I got the machine.
anniesboy68, many thanks also,I have thought of this many times but it means I lose all my data files since I have no means of back up.
Cheers RonL

  spikeychris 09:42 30 Jul 2003

How about a repair installation.

Configure your computer to start from the CD-ROM drive ie: go to the BIOS and select CD as the first boot option.

Insert your Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM drive and then restart your computer.

(You can also boot with a Windows 98/Me Startup disk with CD support and run WINNT.EXE in the I386 folder on the CD)

When the "Press any key to boot from CD" message is displayed on your screen, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD.

When you see the following message displayed on the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER:

To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

At this point an option to press R to enter the Recovery Console is displayed. Do not select this option.

On the Windows XP Licensing Agreement screen, press F8 to agree to the license agreement.

Make sure that your current installation of Windows XP is selected in the box, and then press the R key to repair Windows XP.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Setup.

The down side to a repair is you will have to reapply all updates and hot fixes.


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