Yet a further Tiscali oddity!!

  Housten 11:44 19 May 2013

Morning, everyone,

I know Tiscali were cancelling a lot of accounts, and I expected mine to go - but it didn't!! However for the last 4 or 5 days 'delete' and 'spam' have not been working! You tick the box alongside a message, click on, say, delete, you are asked to confirm your request and when you do the message gets transferred into your trashcan. What happens now is that when a message is ticked, you click on 'spam' or 'delete', you are asked to confirm and the tick alongside the highlighted message just disappears and leaves the message highlighted. I also had about 2300+ messages in my trash can - I know I was trying to get to 2,500 - and they ALL were wiped out and then this started. Anyone have any idea what they are playing at? They will not answer any questions from me, I was told some time ago, because they consider I do not have an account. But if anyone else has an idea it would be very gladly received. At the moment I am sending any message to our new ISP, but it is a fag having to keep going through ALL the emails in case there is a message, rather than the 75%+ of spam that arrives.

  Ex plorer 12:46 19 May 2013

I am with Tiscali, over the past fortnight its been a bit hit and miss on doing anything right, However it seems to be settling down now and I use it daily.

As far as spam goes I get no more than one a week and my average daily in box has 28 emails.

OS Vista

  spuds 12:47 19 May 2013

There is no real solution to this problem, because its an ongoing occurance, and TalkTalk are well aware of it. It does correct itself in time, only to return at some later dates.

Just keep trying, but it might take a few days to succeed?.

If you report it to TalkTalk, they might knock £5.00 off the next bill, they have done with me :O)

The other way you might try (I haven't tried this myself) is go to enter your Tiscali account details on that website, using the secure link, then try deleting from there?.

  Ex plorer 13:05 19 May 2013

The only other thing I do is delete the trash can weekly and have a clean out of other folders 6 monthly I find it loads faster.

  Housten 14:48 19 May 2013

Gentlemen, Good afternoon,

One thing Tiscali staff can't seem to get their head around is that I do not have an account!! Although my wife and I have had a Tiscali address for what seems forever but is only, well probably 12 years, we have never paid them as such a single penny. When we first started it was a-penny-a-minute we paid to BT, but since we got broadband not a single thing!! How we were allowed to keep the address is something we have talked about, but since we could access it, and many, many people knew of it and used the phrase 'if it ain't broke, why fix it?' kept coming into our minds. But lately Tiscali have been getting odder and odder and I was hoping some others had had this problem as well. OH! Well, Heigh Ho!! We will have to see if the what I can only call incompetents can get their act together , again.

Many thanks for everyone's thoughts!

  spuds 15:06 19 May 2013

Perhaps a word of warning?.

If you don't pay your bill promptly, TalkTalk have the habit of cutting you off, without notice :O)

It happened to me, when TalkTalk didn't take a payment one month, and then cut my broadband straight off. On contact with TalkTalk support I was transferred to accounts, who seemingly accused me of not paying the bill. Even after I explained that they had all the details for payment, and had used these details for as long as I could remember, it didn't seem to make much difference. I had to give them details of my credit card (the same details they already held), and they took instant payment and reconnected me two days later. Since then, they have taken payments as normal, from the original card details.

Nothing like accepting being in the wrong, when you are not, but as stated "odder and odder" might be a compromise :O(

  Housten 16:44 24 May 2013


This just a bit of a laugh - some at my ( blind ) expense. Not being able to delete and delete and block spam senders has been annoying me as my inbox just gets bigger and bigger. What I suppose irritated me more than ever was a few days ago when I noticed that they were stating I had used 140.9 MB out of my allowance of 500 MB. As I said they had 'deleted' 2300+ emails from my trashcan, but I don't see how they can have. Yes I agree my trashcan says there is nothing in it and I have just gone through the two boxes that, apparently, have emails in them, and have added them all up!! Sad, I know, but you have to have the facts when making a statement. The two boxes are my inbox and my sent box. In the inbox I have 2,383.1 K and 503.9 K in my sent box. But according to Tiscali I used that 140.9 MB, only an 'error', 'mistake' or 'miscalculation' of about 138 MB. As there maths is so ropey - or they haven't deleted my trash can - I can only advise anyone with a tiscali account to do a very serious check of any invoices they receive from them.

Best of luck,

  john bunyan 17:13 24 May 2013

I am an old Pipex user with Tiscali. For the last couple of years I have had virtually no spam, and am getting over 10mbps for an up to 8 contract - a rolling monthly one. OK I pay £15 or so, they are impossible to contact but I cannot face the bother of an e mail change. I do not get invoices, or charges for over use.

  spuds 17:17 24 May 2013

john bunyan - that might be due to TalkTalk transferring most if not all accounts on their data base to 'unlimited'.

I am with Lineone, and my account with Tiscali/TalkTalk is shown as 'unlimited'.

  lotvic 17:36 24 May 2013

spuds, Housten has got Fibre to Cabinet from Plusnet ISP who are part of BT

not without problems though

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