Yet another upgrade question.

  gengiscant 17:20 06 Jun 2009

I normally build a pc every 2 years or so,but due to the prevailing economic climate and poor health these last few years,money is tight and was wondering if it is worth upgrading and if so with what.
I am a gamer so graphics important.

Current specs.

Mobo A8N32-sli-delux
CPU Athlon 64 x 2 fualcore 4200+
Mem 4 Gg DDR PC3200
Graphics Nvidia 8800gt

  OTT_Buzzard 17:25 06 Jun 2009

What's you primary use for the PC? E.g. gaming, web surfing, programming, video encoding etc etc

  gengiscant 20:58 06 Jun 2009


  gengiscant 10:54 07 Jun 2009

So,nothing much I can then folks?

  Pine Man 10:57 07 Jun 2009

'money is tight'

Then why bother if it does what you want?

  gengiscant 11:58 07 Jun 2009

Very constructive,thanks.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:27 07 Jun 2009

Processor upgrades will give limited performance boost at best and you've already maxxed out on RAM. So can only recommend either adding another 8800gt or buying two new cards (more recent) to go into your PC. Since you are a gamer this seems to be the most logical choice.

  dth 13:01 07 Jun 2009

I have a broadly similar spec p/c as you and I keep looking (over the last 6 months) at upgrading all or part of the system.

Problem is that I can't really find any justification for it - in that even if I spent a grand (which I couldn't afford anyway) it will only give me a p/c with marginally (5% to 15% say) increased performance to what I have already.

  Pine Man 13:14 07 Jun 2009

My comment was not meant to appear flippant.

If money is tight and you won't achieve much of an improvement with what is available then why bother at all just because you normally do it every two years is not, IMHO, a good enough reason.

  gengiscant 14:06 07 Jun 2009

Thanks all.
Given the current spec what would be a reasonable graphic card upgrade.
Power supply is not a problem.

  retep888 14:23 07 Jun 2009

Ati click here

Nvidia click here

If you have a good CPU cooler already,you may consider overclocking it from 2.2 to 2.8 ghz.

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