Yet another slow PC

  Sirpad 08:28 14 Jan 2006

I'm running XP on my DELL with P4, 2.8GHz, 1G RAM, 80GB HD with 60 of it still free. I use NOD32, SpywareBlaster, CWShredder and CCleaner all without flaw and have broadband.

Up until this week I've had no problems to speak of but all of a sudden using the internet has become a tad sluggish. I've checked virtual memory and it looks fine. I've run the broadband speed tester from and it says my broadband speed is fine. When I download files they download like lightening as expected but when I try to open sites (any site) and move around the sites it seems to be taking it's time all of a sudden. My daughter recently installed MSN messenger but I don't load it when I go into my own userid. Could this be part of the problem? This is the only thing I can think of at this stage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 09:10 14 Jan 2006

She didn't install MSN Messenger Plus did she?

  Sirpad 09:42 14 Jan 2006

I believe so VoG. It's version 7.5 She's isn't here to ask but I seem to recall that she installed a newer version recently (without asking me of course).

  VoG II 09:47 14 Jan 2006

You need to check exactly what she installed. MSN Messenger 7.5 is fine. MSN Messenger Plus is not because it comes bundled with various bits of malware.

  Sirpad 10:06 14 Jan 2006

How does this malware manifest itself? Would it already have done it's deed? How can I tell if it's running in the background? How do I get rid of this malware or does it only run when MSN Messenger Plus is running?

Sorry for all the questions. If this is causing the problem I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there with the same problem.

  Belatucadrus 11:51 14 Jan 2006

click here

click here

A quick look seems to indicate that the so called Sponsor program doesn't install if deselected during the install of Messanger plus, but is also an intrusive bit of unpleasantness if left in.

click here click here click here for info on Lop.

Looks like a scan with one or more of the free anti spyware progs is in order click here click here click here click here and if necessary removal of Plus.

  Sirpad 14:52 14 Jan 2006

Thanks do I get rid of MSN Messenger Plus and leave MSN messenger?

If I uninstall MSN messenger will this get rid of the PLUS or is it a seperate entity? I'm not sure myself because the whole thing was installed without my knowledge.

  Belatucadrus 16:31 14 Jan 2006

"how do I get rid of MSN Messenger Plus and leave MSN messenger? "

To be honest I don't know as I always remove messanger and its like from my systems. If you did find removing Plus damaged Messenger there are other MSN compatible clients to look as like Trillium click here or Qnext click here MSN messenger itself can be downloaded if you want another copy click here

It may be worth waiting for feedback from somebody more familiar with these programs.

  PaulB2005 16:39 14 Jan 2006

MSN Messenger Plus is a seperate entity.

Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs, Find MSN Messenger PLUS and click Remove.

Update your Anti Spyware and rescan.

  Sirpad 22:55 14 Jan 2006

Oddly enough I cannot find MSN Messenger PLUS when I invoke Add/Remove programs even though my daughter says her and her friend had installed it. I see MSN Messenger and MSN Messenger 7.5. Perhaps 7.5 is the PLUS???

I went into the links supplied by Belatucadrus and as a result did a search for LOP files. I have quite a few but am not sure if I should just go ahead and delete them. There is a suggestion that if I uninstall MSN Messenger PLUS that this will get rid of them.

I think I'll wait to see if I get any more feedback and advice and tomorrow evening will uninstall MSN Messenger 7.5 and see what happens.

  Skyver 22:58 14 Jan 2006

MSN Messenger 7.5 shows up in my add/remove list and I don't use MSG Plus. It was only installed a week ago too.

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