Yet another RAM question.

  [email protected] 14:39 28 Nov 2009

Master HDD = XP Home
Secondary HDD = Win7 64bit.
Mobo = Asus A8N-SLI (Supports 4Gb Dual-Chan DDR400 in 4 slots)
Current RAM 2Gb matched pair.
I have received another 2Gb matched pair from Crucial. I expected to install it, fire up Win7 and away we go on all 4. Alas not to be. Win7 won't even boot - BSOD.
XP boots but displays 2.25Gb when I would expect at least 3+ ?
I removed 1Gb or RAM.
Win7 will boot but performance down from 5.2 to 4.6
XP boots but shows only 1Gb.
I have restored the BIOS setups to default (I usually run the mobo overclocked) settings but nothing changes.
I have checked each pair individually and both work OK. Each pair is idential technically except the Corsair (the current) is rated at 200Hz only and the new Crucial at 200, 166 and 133.
It may be that the Crucial memory is being selected to run at the slower speed thus creating a mistmatch, but why?
I have checked the BIOS and the RAM setting of (Auto) is supposed to select the highest speed.
When checking the two pairs individually, each run at 200Hz (DDR400)!
Anyone any idea's please, thanks.

  I am Spartacus 14:53 28 Nov 2009

Are the voltages the same for the Corsair and Crucial? You can increase the voltage to match the highest but it may burn out the other pair if it's too high.

Are the Timings the same? If not manually set them to the slowest.

  [email protected] 16:16 28 Nov 2009

Yes, voltages and timings are the same.

  I am Spartacus 16:27 28 Nov 2009

Can you set them to run at a slower speed? I don't know if that motherboard has a Northbridge but on Intel boards you often have to up the NB voltage to run 4 sticks stably.

  [email protected] 17:38 28 Nov 2009

Hmm. The Corsair is DDR400 only. I think somehow I have a miss-match so I will email Crucial for advice. Everything points to it all working though and that's the rub.

  highside 16:14 29 Nov 2009

I spent ages with a RAM problem when I installed 2X2 GB Crucial modules to give me 4 total.
The problem was (at the end of the day) I was using faster RAM than the original although in theory it should have been OK in my laptop.
With both new ones inserted it would not always boot, it was always OK with each 2GB on their own.
I could also boot OK by hitting F8 and then run memtest 86 or windows memory tests time and again no problem at all with both sticks in situ, only problem I had to hit F8 to boot the PC.
Used crucials excellent help service and eventually bit the bullet, bought two new modules the same speed of the originals and all is great.

  [email protected] 18:16 29 Nov 2009

Thanks highside. May end up doing just that but like you I will speak to the help service first.
With a busy w/e I had no time to exhaust my own efforts.
The frustrating thing is I went to great lengths to identify my originals, study the mobo handbook then buy exactly the Crucial recommended (via their search engine) and it should work - but :-(
Not the end of the world - just embarking on another learning curve...

  [email protected] 21:46 30 Nov 2009

Well it looks like the mobo. All RAM modules are good and any combo of old and new will work in any combo of 2x RAM slots. It would appear if anyone wants to run 4Gb of RAM on this board it has to be a pair of 2Gigs and use the dual channel slots :-(
Next stop ASUS but I would be interested to hear if anyone else runs this board with 4Gb of RAM (ASUS A8N-SLI).

  BRYNIT 22:20 30 Nov 2009

As I have not replace a motherboard or added more RAM for a long time and could be wrong but as I was just read through the manual from the Asus web site a thought cured. Have you put the RAM in the correct slots.

If you use 1 stick of RAM it would go into B1
Matching pairs would go into A1+B1 Blue slots.

Have you tried putting the first pair into A1+B1 Blue slots and second pair into A2+B2 black slots.

  [email protected] 09:19 01 Dec 2009

I have to confess I have tried so many combinations that I am unsure if I did, so I will do so as it would appear the only combination left!
Having surfed the "quirks" of this board it would appear I am not alone.
The good news, and not just a lovely sunny morning - first for weeks, I dropped the new RAM into my spare desktop just to check it out and it goes like a rocket :-)

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