Yet another memory question...

  wotbus@ 20:42 02 Oct 2007

Mobo supports 4Gb total, dual channel, 4 slots.
Currently 2Gb matched pair. Thinking about another 2Gb matched pair and now the question:
Does the new matched pair have to match the pair already fitted, or can they just be another matched pair but not the same manufacturer (same speed/CL etc of course)?

  cream. 20:59 02 Oct 2007

" Does the new matched pair have to match the pair already fitted "


are you using a 32 or 64bit operating system. If you are using a 32bit one, you may not get the full 4Gb registered and it could throw you dual channel memory into a wobbly.

  wotbus@ 21:01 02 Oct 2007

32bit XP. I have read that he full 4Gb may not be regiestered by which should it upset the dual channel ?

  wotbus@ 21:03 02 Oct 2007

Pse excuse the typo's.
"the" full 4Gb
and "registered but why should it" etc

  cream. 21:10 02 Oct 2007

because if it does not regester the full 4Gb it will read the first full 3 sticks of 1Gb. it will probably then read just one half of the last 1gb chip.

So it could read 2 rows, of 1Gb, in dual channel mode. The 1 row of 1Gb and 1 row of 512Mb. This could throw the dual channel into a wobbly.

What motherboard, have you checked with crucial?

  wotbus@ 21:16 02 Oct 2007

ASUS A8N-SLI and yes to crucial. The latter recommends a pair of 1Gb and the mobo handbook warns about the possibility of the chipset not recognising 4 x 1Gb = 4Gb! I have Corsair fitted and was just wondering if the next pair had to be Corsair as well, but you have answered that one. As I wouldn't want to lose the dual channel facility I suppose a matched pair of 512Mhz may be a better option then?

  cream. 21:23 02 Oct 2007

Crucial do point out the 4Gb problem with this motherboard click here

What are you using Vista or XP. 3Gb should be more than enough for XP. Though I think they may be a fix on the web to ease around the 4Gb problem.

are you using a dedicated graphics card or is the graphics a chip and taken from physical memory.

  wotbus@ 21:27 02 Oct 2007

XP and dedicated (ATI Radeon X800).

  wotbus@ 21:42 02 Oct 2007

Thanks for the feedback Percy.

  al7478 22:14 02 Oct 2007

link, it says this -

"When purchasing your memory upgrade, make sure that you do not exceed the lower of the two maximums (OS and computer maximums.) Too much RAM can lower your system's performance or cause other problems. (In most cases, the system maximum is lower than the OS maximum.)"

If by syatem they mean pc, then im the opposite way round, as my pc, theoretically, can hold 8gig, but xp home only 4 gig.

Plus, do i take it that an odd number of ram will mess up a dual channel system...?

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