Yet another Fire Fox update 3.0.13

  jack 17:07 25 Aug 2009

Thery are busy- or is to sort out previous C[U's?

It still crashes with Cool Iris however - any one got any thoughts on this?

  provider 2 17:14 25 Aug 2009

3.0.13? Are you sure?

I`ve been running 3.5.2 for several days now. I don`t have CoolIris but NoSquint doesn`t work yet ... waiting for update.

  provider 2 17:18 25 Aug 2009
  jack 10:27 26 Aug 2009

Somehow in my shuffling stuff around I must have installed an older version and have been getting incremental updates
It is now up to 3.5.2
Is the the latest?

  anniesboy 10:53 26 Aug 2009

3.5.2 is the latest click here

  provider 2 10:58 26 Aug 2009

Yes, I believe so and Mozilla urges users to update to this version for several reasons, not the least of which is security.

What`s new in 3.5? click here

  provider 2 11:04 26 Aug 2009

Oops, this one is better: click here

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