Yellow scans on epson 3490

  awesomefire 22:13 04 Jun 2009

Hope someone might be able to help me on this one. Whenever I scan a document or photo in colour i get a very bold block of yellow from top to bottom.
As the scanner warms up its not so noticable but there is still a yellow tinge to the scan. Anyone have any ideas, thanks.

If the problem gets better as the scanner warms up then it suggests that the scanner may be faulty rather than a software problem.

I would try it on another computer and, providing that you're installing it properly, if the same happens then that will confirm that it is.

  mooly 07:04 05 Jun 2009

Agree... can you use it without a PC at all, just to copy a picture (photocopy mode) see if thats yellow.

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