Yellow marks of death in device manager

  Steve94a 02:41 07 Aug 2009

Hi all,
First thing to say is that I am a beginner with computers so please keep it simple.
I have something called a "PCI Simple communications controller" which has a yellow Question mark next to it. I have searched all over the web for info about this and most folk say that it relates to a modem.
That is not correct in my case.
In my case it refers to a small USB device about the same size as a small pen drive. This device has sockets for the two plugs on the end of a headset for speaker and mic. I can't find a driver for it anywhere but unless I can get it working properly my Speech Recognition software won't work and there are no other sockets for the headset.
I should maybe add that the sound for System sounds or when listening to music etc works fine either with the headphones or via the PC speakers.

There is also an exclamation mark next to my "C-Media AC97 audio device" but the 2 may be related.

The system is running XP Pro with 1gb RAM.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

  gazzaho 05:15 07 Aug 2009

The post by Zeusman on this forum may help you identify the device, once you have the name and make you can search for drivers for it click here the link for click here in in his first post is wrong as you will see if you read through the full list of posts.

  Steve94a 08:55 07 Aug 2009

gazzaho ... Thanks for the reply.
It was that guys post which prompted me to register here and ask my question.
I did as suggested and the manufacturer code took me to a company in Taiwan but the product codes seem very complicated.
I searched through about 30 of them individually but very few have images of the actual item. Most just have a stock image showing PC type components and the wording is such that I can't make head nor tail of it.
Plus, even when you get to the individual items, none of them have drivers that can be downloaded.
Thanks anyway.

  birdface 10:06 07 Aug 2009

[There is also an exclamation mark next to my "C-Media AC97 audio device"] Try deleting the drver and rebooting.Microsoft should then update the driver.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 07 Aug 2009

Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007
Generic USB Audio Device

The Generic USB Audio Device component provides support for generic USB audio devices. This component supplies the Generic USB Audio Driver in the usbaudio.sys file. This component also supplies the INF (information) files, wdma_usb.inf and wdmaudio.inf. The wdmaudio.inf file is a system-supplied INF file that installs core WDM audio components.

  Stuartli 11:17 07 Aug 2009

The C-Media website is either down or something is amiss (its on-board sound chipsets are excellent).

click here

However, you can download drivers for your on-board sound at:

click here

(this is for the 8738 chipset).

If you have a later chipset you will need to check it out using System Information or SIW (latter at click here)

If you have XP with SP2/SP3 or Vista it's unlikely you would need to install USB drivers for your pen drive type device as they should be included in the operating system.

  Stuartli 11:18 07 Aug 2009

They are not yellow marks of death, but merely indicate a problem that requires investigation..:-)

  Stuartli 11:20 07 Aug 2009

You should be able to connect your headset and mike to the normal on-board sound sockets on the back of your system case - it's the same method I use, but with a dual 3.5mm jack plug output adapter in order to use the headset and speakers from the same output socket..

  Steve94a 11:47 07 Aug 2009

It gets more and more complicated, doesn't it.
I'll try to answer some points raised.

This PC has SP3 and all the updates as of this morning.

The pen drive like devise was just an indication of the size of my gizmo. It is NOT a pen drive. If you use eBay, item # 120454157407 is very similar to the device I'm using.

The audio sockets at the back don't appear to work.
I tried all 4 sockets with both leads from the headset but sound did NOT come through the headset but was fine from the PC. To test it, I went to Control panel >> sound and then scrolled down to "Exit windows" and tried to play the sound file.

I have no idea what Fruit bat is trying to tell me.

I'malso a bit stymied because the PC I am on now isn't the one with the problem. I'll be able to try out the links in Stuartli's post later tonight so thanks in advance for those.
Cheers, all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:54 07 Aug 2009

"The audio sockets at the back don't appear to work."

They won't if device manager is indicting a problem
Right click on the device in device manager and select properties, that should then give you an error message and code, please tell us the error and code stated.

"I have no idea what Fruit bat is trying to tell me."

Windows has a built in driver that should work for your device, do a search and check that you have the two files usbaudio.sys and wdma_usb.inf

  Steve94a 13:05 07 Aug 2009

Thanks, fruit bat.
I'll search for those files and copy the error codes once I can get my grubby paws on the problem PC which will be sometime after 9pm.

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