Yellow line

  micky1432 20:23 11 Aug 2009

Hi I have just loaded windows vista onto a laptop a sony vaio and i have a yellow line running down the centre of the screen can anyone tell me what this is and why its even there

  sunnystaines 20:26 11 Aug 2009

had that in my very first computer back in 1995, the monitor went back to samsung and was replaced under guarentee never knew what it was.

sounds like duff screen,

  MAT ALAN 20:28 11 Aug 2009

No parking beteweeen 8.00am - 8pm

or a VGA issue you may need to load graphic drivers

  MAT ALAN 20:29 11 Aug 2009

beteweeen = OOOPS!!! between

  GaT7 20:33 11 Aug 2009

What was the previous OS, & I'm assuming it didn't have this problem with it?

Is it in warranty?

I hope it isn't something similar to this click here, & seems fatal (to the screen!) if these comments are to believed click here. G

  micky1432 20:43 11 Aug 2009

the previous os was also vista but the hard drive had packed up so i just replaced it then reloaded

  MAT ALAN 20:50 11 Aug 2009

click here

click here

might be a tad worse than we thought...

  micky1432 21:01 11 Aug 2009

its there as soon as you go to turn on even before
it loads up

  woodchip 21:35 11 Aug 2009

as above changing from XP to Vista means a New Set of Hardware Drivers, including Monitor

  MAT ALAN 21:50 11 Aug 2009

the previous os was also vista (vista to vista) woodchip so probably not a driver issue...

Need to know now if updating drivers has helped or not tho...

  micky1432 21:53 11 Aug 2009

cant seem to get the drivers trying sony site but downloading but not changing anything it still says it has no driver inst on pritty much everything

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