Yamaha Keyboard to PC.......What do i need??

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 02:35 21 Apr 2003

I am considering buying a keyboard to add a personal touch to my music production but i am unsure about how to go about setting it up.

I have a soundcard (SB audigy LIVE) but it only has speaker outputs and a microphone input.

How can i connect it?

Will i need anything extra?

Any advice or a link to site would be very helpful

  tbh72 02:44 21 Apr 2003

Keybords links via a midi cable I believe, it look's similiar to a com port, but is linked to the sound card / game port

  Rogerfredo 09:30 21 Apr 2003

Assuming your keyboard has midi ports (2 off, "din" sockets, one for midi in, one for midi out), all you need are two midi leads and a game port to midi converter. The converter plugs into the game port on the sound card and has two flying leads which connect to your midi leads.

  Mysticnas 09:55 21 Apr 2003

The audigy drive:

click here

The cables to connect

click here

or you can buy the Audigy 2 Platinum package which will have everything in it.

I don't think the front drive will work with your live 5.1 card!

click here

or get this

click here

  woodchip 09:57 21 Apr 2003

All you need is a coax Wire with a mini stereo jack at the computer end that goes in line in socket, and a Jack Plug to suit your Keyboard at the other end

  Peverelli 11:37 21 Apr 2003

If you're recording live music then woodchip's suggestion will suffice. If you're creating music using midi then have a look at this page: click here
You'll also need a midi sequencing program and typing something like 'free midi software' into Google should find you a few.

  Peverelli 11:43 21 Apr 2003

Stating the obvious but.... make sure the keyboard you buy is midi capable . If it's a Yamaha then it should have 'GM' or 'XG' on it.

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