blocking Hotmail?

  Laser157 09:35 22 Jul 2007

My friend has a mail account at He cannot send mail to me or anyone else with addresses

I reactivated my Hotmail account and tried sending to my Yahoo address but it has not come through. The copy to my domain address came through OK.

The non-delivered mail report from Hotmail says:

"Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable
>to connect successfully to the destination mail server."

Is blocking all messages from

  octal 13:43 22 Jul 2007

I sent myself an email from Hotmail to Yahoo and it looks like it's got lost in the electronic fog somewhere, so I think you are right Yahoo are rejecting emails from Hotmail.

  Laser157 13:55 22 Jul 2007

Hi octal,

It may just be My friend can send mail to

Anyone else had this problem?

  Laser157 14:18 22 Jul 2007

Thanks Marg 7. beginning to look like it's a general problem with mail from Hotmail being rejected by Does anyone know how to complain to Yahoo. The only link I can find is to report abuse.

  jolorna 21:15 22 Jul 2007

i sent one to try about 3pm this afternoon after reading your thread looked in now and it arrived so it looks like it is just taking a long tome to get through

  Laser157 21:19 22 Jul 2007

Well done Marg7 for finding that! I will use it.

jolorna, was it to or

  Kate B 21:36 22 Jul 2007

Hotmail is increasingly unreliable. About 30 of us share one email address (on a private domain) for organising social events etc, and if I start a thread to the email using my webmail (also on a private domain), the users (but not the users, oddly) never get that first email, it just vanishes in to the ether. We think it's something to do with Microsoft scoring stuff sent via webmail as high-risk spam *sigh* which wouldn't be a problem if the emails ended up in a spam folder, but they don't, they just vanish.

  jolorna 21:43 22 Jul 2007

  Laser157 21:52 22 Jul 2007

jolorna - thanks for the confirmation. It would still be interesting to have feedback from more users who have sent mails from to

I used to have a Tiscali e.mail address and some time back they had a problem where spammers were using Tiscali e.mail addresses (probably spoofed) to send mails. Many other ISPs then blacked Tiscali's mailservers affecting much genuine mail too. It took them quite a while to sort it out and I do have some sympathy for ISPs or webmail providers having to deal with this sort of activity. However they need to be totally upfront with users about what they are doing. If have declined to receive mail from servers they should tell us.

  octal 22:02 22 Jul 2007

Hmph! Mine still hasn't arrived and no notification from Hotmail either on what's happened. by the way.

  LABMAN 22:02 22 Jul 2007

I just sent a message from my hotmail account o my and nothing through as yet, but no non delivery report from hotmail yet but it was only about 5 mins ago.

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