Yahoo Writing to Hard Drive while Useing Messager

  subman 09:59 06 Mar 2003

For over a year while useing Yahoo messager ive found that soon after I connect to Yahoo Messager I get invalid ActiveX/Com Entries , Errors in Free Cluster Count and many other things to my hard drive is there a way I can connect a USB drive so that all the crap that yahoo down loads goes onto the usb drive and not my main hard drive .
First of all Why is Yahoo doing this ?
The spam that they are sending is full of Bad Cookies
At the moment im up to 180 spam aday yes I was useing
Spam killer but after 7 month the spam took that out they also keep on crashing the BT spam filter .
As well as all that they found a way to get passed the ZoneAlarm Pro fire wall so I installed a new Fire wall Norton Security Pro within 12 hours they had got in and locked me out of my own system by changeing the password .
So ive got a new hard drive and just installed from Cd .
Im useing windows 98 , Firewall is Norton Security Pro , Useing Ad-ware Pro 6 and Spy Bot .
Windows is up to date and im useing 2 Browsers Netscape 7.1 and Internet Explorer .
I might add that even if I dont use Yahoo messager something still writes to the hd whats the best Browser ive been told Opera ?
So has any body got any thoughts what I can do ?
manys thanks for your time to read this messager.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:42 06 Mar 2003

Have you ran a virus scan or trojan scan? i use both yahoo and msn and i never had any of this happen to me and i certainly didnt get locked out my system by someone changeing the passwords.

  subman 22:43 07 Mar 2003

Thanks for the reply yes im all up to date with Norton and use now Norton Security Pro this is the one that they got in from the back Door and changed over the password same goes For ZoneAlarm Pro It must be a back Door as I cant see them hacking through the firewall .
It all points to yahoo because I think its because I kill all there spam and in the 18 months Ive been with Yahoo ive never bought them any thing from them
ive still got 6 meg on my mail box and I think now days they only give you 4 Meg .
Yes they have played with the mail box as well .
When I say played they wont let you delete your old mail so in the end you cant use your mail box little things like this .
I did email Yahoo over a year ago asking them about the problems I was getting and all they said was they are aware of the problems I thought at the time it was some third party but now its very clear its Yahoo I wish they would just charge for the use of Yahoo because ive had to pay out alot for a new hard drive as for time ive had to format the drive and reinstall all the software again all from CD however its very clear that its all ready over there as well .
While im Typeing this email the drive is doing all strange things but some thing is living in the computer but its to deep for any software to remove it I did try AD-Ware Pro and SpyBot but what ever is in there takes over any thing from turning on and off the scanner and printer it locks up the Browser or modem so you cant connect to the internet or if you do the Browser wont work but this weekend I will reformat the drive again but like I said im only copying from the original CD and nothing is coming from the other drive .
Look like im the only person with this problem .


  woodchip 23:11 07 Mar 2003

Delete them all, it will put them back, I remove all when I shut computer down. You should alter your security settings for Cookies If using IE or Netscape

  woodchip 23:12 07 Mar 2003

PS there is also a stop button at the top of the browser. to stop it writing

  Ironman556 23:30 07 Mar 2003

It may be a pain, but what about reformatting, and then settime up a new Yahoo account, and a new email account with BT? You can have up to 4 mailboxes on BT I think.

It sounds to me like a fresh start is all you can do.

  subman 18:24 13 Mar 2003

Hi Guys thanks for your replys regarding spam from Yahoo well I found out were the back door was were the hackers were getting in it was Netscape im useing Ver 7
I did a format of the new hard drive then installed all the software from the original CDs just having problems getting to reinstall Norton System 2002 System works with the upgrade 2003 I have a feeling that you can only install off the original CDs so many times .
The first few times I reinstalled Norton it was fine but now I keep getting Nmain Caused a general protection fault in module 3dfx16v3.DRV at 0008:00000. this is a Driver for the 3dfx board but ive installed new drivers and its still the same .
The same goes for Norton Security Pro 2003 I can install that but if I try to run Web Tools I get a 3dfx Error message this again has been installed a few times I wonder if this is to stop you giving your mate a copy .
Any way with just useing Microsoft Explorer so far no body has got in YET !
Oh yes I got a new spam filter and so far the spam have not crashed it as yet its called ChoiceMall One .
As you know the spam eats Spam killers as it had Spam Killer from McAfee and Supergoogie for dinner .
But as I said before the spam even took out the spam filter service of BT that was off for about 10 minutes .
So I wonder what security is like on Windows XP home as the new computer has that on .
Cheers for now

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