Yahoo virus alert.

  diogenes 18:43 01 Mar 2004

I have juust logged on to my e-mail account with BT internet to find an example of the above in my inbox.

I have deleted unread and with the attachment unopened. NAV detected nothing. A virus scan shows nothing amiss.

Was the warning genuine or was it an attempt by BT/Yahoo to peddle their own anti-virus protection at £3.99 a month?

  byfordr 18:47 01 Mar 2004

I thought Yahoo virus protection was powered by Norton?

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:48 01 Mar 2004

I Think genuine. I have had a load of these virus` and they are a pest on my Yahoo account.

I had a time when they seemed to come by the "Bucketful" - - -lol

Keep deleting them and don`t think showing you a virus is big publicity - -its NOT

Be thankful for this Yahoo Virus checker


  diogenes 20:24 01 Mar 2004

As I understand it Yahoo/BT virus protection is powered by Norton. Why was it that NAV itself, which I subscribe to and check for updates daily, did not see the threat?

<<I Think genuine. I have had a load of these virus` and they are a pest on my Yahoo account. >>
Were they warnings of were they actual viruses?

Thank you for your interest.

  diogenes 20:05 22 Mar 2004

I have just received another one of the above.

The subject line is :

"Alert: Virus Detected but not Cleaned - Attachment Removed" [Re: Your product]

It is from:

Yahoo! Mail Virus Protection <[email protected]> <Yahoo! Mail Virus Protection <[email protected]>>

I am unsure whether it is genuine. I have reported it to Yahoo.

Any views about it?

  lucky1 20:41 22 Mar 2004

I have not yet signed up to the 'new' BTYahoo amalgamation but it would appear that I will have to, whether I want to or not, very soon. I have twice contacted them to enquire if their new 'inbuilt' virus and firewall software will conflict with my existing Norton anti-virus and firewall, but, to date, they have not replied.

  diogenes 20:59 22 Mar 2004

It occurs to me that if the BT/Yahoo anti-virus software is so good do I really need to pay Norton? Any thoughts?

  mikef. 21:08 22 Mar 2004

The reason your virus detector doesn't detect it is because BT Yahoo has already removed it by deleting the attachment, and yes you do still need to keep your anti virus protection as not all viruses come by email.

lucky1 I still have my Norton anti virus and Zone Alarm with no problems, in fact the BT Yahoo versions you have to opt in to.

  lucky1 21:53 22 Mar 2004


Thanks for that. Didn't realise I could opt out!
I presume this is after I've to send of for the CD?

  lucky1 21:55 22 Mar 2004

... or 'off' even. Spelling's getting worse. Must use the spell check that's mentioned in one of tonight's posts!

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