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  garrema 21:38 11 May 2006

Greetings all.

Tonight I mostly have the YaHoo toolbar which appears as an IE toolbar. No idea why.
Can Any one advise how to get rid of this insidious invasion?

  De Marcus™ 21:40 11 May 2006

Control panel > add remove programs.

  skidzy 21:42 11 May 2006

If listed in add and remove programs..delete from there.

You could try this click here it has an uninstaller.

Alternatively you may like to use your search function and include hidden files and type yahoo and delete everything it throws up.

  skidzy 21:44 11 May 2006

click here This may be better.

  Taff™ 21:58 11 May 2006

I`ve noticed recently that Yahoo or Google or Wanadoo toolbars download themselves with various other programs. There is usually a default box which is ticked and unticking it during the installation prevents the toolbar installing.

For example, yesterday I installed a Wanadoo Broadband modem. My homepage was changed to wanadoo and there was a wanadoo searchbar! Microsoft Defender was totally impotent! Removed from add/remove programs as mentioned above.

Ccleaner, which is a great program, now has a ticked by default box for Yahoo toolbar. A bit sneaky.

  Shortstop 22:09 11 May 2006

I believe that the reason why Microsoft Defender 'missed' the installation making these amendments was because you had already approved it by clicking 'Yes' to instal/read T&Cs ...

I do agree about the Yahoo toolbar though - it seems to be a 'favourite' add on with a lot of programs nowadays. Some may like it - I don't & remove it via Add/Remove as advised above.



  bluto1 22:16 11 May 2006

The `Yahoo` toolbar is installed as a matter of course with cCleaner, and probably some other popular programmes. The best way to uninstall is as has been said before this, Add/Remove programmes.

  Chris Webster 22:58 11 May 2006

"The `Yahoo` toolbar is installed as a matter of course with cCleaner"

When installing ccleaner you can just 'untick' the option to install the Yahoo toolbar.

Cheers Chris.

  Taff™ 06:24 12 May 2006

You`re probably right - I hadn`t thought of that! I can forgive Ccleaner because as Chris Webster says I always untick the Yahoo box. Wanadoo on the other hand didn`t seem to give me any option to deselect either their toolbar or the change to my homepage. Now that`s naughty!

  bluto1 19:50 12 May 2006

Cheers Chris, an obvious oversight on my part.

  garrema 21:11 12 May 2006

Devious rascal is history.
Ta Muchly

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