Yahoo mail to Outlook Express

  carryduff 11:05 02 May 2007

I use Outlook Express as my main email server but still get loads of stuff sent through Yahoo. Is there a simple way to close down the yahoo side completely and get all my mail through Outlook Express? Thanks

  Sebastian Ereira 13:22 02 May 2007

who runs your email address i.e yahoo,gmail,hotmail,aol,orange

  carryduff 13:53 02 May 2007

I'm not sure I understand the question, but I assume it's BT as they are the ISP.

  Sebastian Ereira 17:38 02 May 2007
  p;3 21:51 02 May 2007

outlook express is NOT an e mail server; it is an e mail client on your computer ; do you realise that?

you and all of us HAVE to use a server in the first instance to collect our emails from

do you understand how the system actually 'works'? I do not think you do::((

  p;3 22:06 02 May 2007

you have your emails delivered to a server; your email client (such as outlook express) collects(downloads) mails FROM your server to your computer ;

wheh you compose a mail in your outlook express,when you send it , that mail has to pass through at least two servers

if you are wishing to eliminate servers from the process...sorry but you cannot::((

you CAN use dfifferent e mail addresses to send e mails form within your outlook express program ( I have over 4 to choose from in mine)but ALL of them pass through at least two servers

does that help?

  carryduff 22:24 02 May 2007

Hi S/E my email address is, and as p;3 so elegantly puts it, I don't really know how the system works, that's why I thought Absolute beginners was the ideal place to find out. Thanks everyone.

  p;3 22:34 02 May 2007

does what has been said 'make sense' to/for you or do you need it explained differently?
you are quite right to post in this section

??do you need any more clarification for your problem or can we help you further?

  carryduff 23:05 02 May 2007

Yes thanks p;3

  beeuuem 23:06 02 May 2007

Could you clarify the problem a little. You have a btinternet address and you download this mail through Outlook Express.
When you say that you get lots of mail through Yahoo is to a Yahoo address or that you can see more mail when you go to the BT/Yahoo website?

  p;3 23:14 02 May 2007

another point ; if you are with btyahoo; do you check your server for mail in the spam folder? as the OE program only checks the in box on server and NOT the spam box

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