Yahoo Mail

  t.long 13:10 31 Jan 2005

Lots of people seem to be having various problems with thier Yahoo Mail. I am basicly finding mine unusable since I have to repeatedily click on a mail and then go back until it eventualy displays. I am using Opera by the way.

I am just wondering weather anyone knows if Yahoo intend to deal with this any time soon. I would rather not change email address, however at the moment Yahoo is unworkable and they [Yahoo] do not seem overly concerned. At the moment I am thinking it might be wise to change.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 15:14 31 Jan 2005

if you are using yahoo webmail you can download it to your email client outlook/express etc this may help your problem
click here

  t.long 21:26 11 Feb 2005

Works a treat, cheers.

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