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  Dozy 23:18 24 Jul 2006

Help! I have got both a Google and Yahoo task bar and above that my address bar above that are my back, search, favorites history buttons then above that there is the edit, view tools and help buttons!! Which means quite a chunk of my screen is covered in. Now I like both the Google and Yahoo task bars but is there a way to hide them and when needed I can click on them to view them? :-|

  ed-0 00:10 25 Jul 2006

Veiw > toolbars > clcik off the yahoo and google toolbars. Does that make the extra space? click here

Click them back on when you need them.

  Dozy 21:34 25 Jul 2006

thanks a million ed-o truly grateful

  Dozy 21:37 25 Jul 2006

Hi ed-o just done it and I feel dead chuffed it worked. You folks who help really Dozy folks like me are worth your weight in gold!

  p;3 22:23 25 Jul 2006

if I could have my weight in gold........could pay some bills::))

however, I too recently lost my bars and remembered a hint I had had from this forum about getting them back; screan looked lost without them I must admit

  ed-0 22:40 25 Jul 2006

Thats OK M8.;-)

" You folks who help really Dozy folks like me are worth your weight in gold!"

Stick around, I am sure you can help someone here.

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