Yahoo email log on problem

  aine 13:23 11 Jan 2009

I have a problem with yahoo mail. when I click on the load tab for mail the page keeps flashing and will not open. This started when I had an email from yahoo, telling me to ensure all cookies were allowed. This i did, then this problem started. I have tried restoring the system but can only go back a week, ( due to secumia messing the system about) this I have now deleted. the only thing that I have not tried "Start at the best configeration" any suggestions would be welcome. Aine

  cheap 14:49 11 Jan 2009

Have you tried clearing all your old cookies out.

  lotvic 15:13 11 Jan 2009

I collect and send my email with Outlook Express.
I have the servers set as as the server seems to play up a lot.

  Sea Urchin 15:13 11 Jan 2009

Can you access your account from this link?

  aine 19:12 11 Jan 2009

Cheap, lotvic and Sea Urchin. cleared all cookies, at present my mail is going to MS mail. Sea Urchin, I cannot access mail via your link the same problem occurs.
the problem seems a little deeper than cookies as the other web sites work OK.Keep thinking chaps. Reagards Aine

  aine 19:52 11 Jan 2009

Iforgot to add chaps, that yahoo works okay on IE7. but not on Firefox my preferred site. Aine

  cheap 19:59 11 Jan 2009

Can you gain access to your emails via your online account click here

If so we can rule out a login problem.

Are you recieving emails through Outlook or some other mail recieving software.?
Have your settings changed.?
Have you tried turning off any firewalls and antivirus.

Get back to us as soon as you can so we know how you are getting on.


  aine 20:21 11 Jan 2009

Through firefox using the yahoo short cut, I can log on to the email, which never loads just flashes and keeps flashing until I leave the page. This problem started by me contacting yahoo about having to log on everytime. they suggested it could be a cookie problem and I should ensure that all cookies are allowed, after doing this the problem started.
As stated I can get the emails through windows mail ( without logon) or IE7 by logging on everytime.
Regards Aine

  cheap 20:25 11 Jan 2009

Are you using firefox 3

  aine 20:41 11 Jan 2009

Using firefox 3.05. so is the wife

  lotvic 20:42 11 Jan 2009

using Firefox 3.05. I just logged on to Yahoo webmail using Cheap's link.
Didn't have a problem, except you have to click on 'No thanks' to the upgrade offered, then it went straight to my mailbox, no problem.

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