XXClone problem

  Indigo 1 18:57 21 Apr 2005

I have downloaded and installed XXClone from a site I was directed to by filling in the form on this page click here

As you can see this copy is out of date and will not run on my PC, I just get an error message saying something like "this copy has expired" (should I send flowers ? 80P)

No seriously, I have tried to contact them but no result, I have tried the Yahoo.com help group but can't join in or log in or register.

Any ideas anyone ?

  Indigo 1 10:38 22 Apr 2005

HMM no replies.

Anyone know where to download an up to date version ?


  ardvarc 10:59 22 Apr 2005

After filling in the form you should receive a email with the following link below. It also includes a password to open XXClone.

1. Download the following file (ver 0.31.0 ca. 60 KB)

click here

  Indigo 1 11:08 22 Apr 2005

Cheers ardvarc, I already did that but that is an out of date version.

It appears that you have to register with yahoo groups.com and become a member of the XXCopy group in order to get the current download.

This I have now managed to do so I will wait to see if they send me a link.

It was very long winded and a very difficult forum to use compared to the PCA forum.

I suppose I have just come to expect a very high standard and very quick responses since registering at this site.

I will wait patiently for a response on the yahoo group site.


  pj123 11:49 22 Apr 2005

Have a go with xxcopy click here

I didn't think it worked but the site implies that it is good for all O/Ss from win95 through to XP.

I haven't used it because I use xcopy with Win98SE, (which won't work with XP)

  pj123 14:00 22 Apr 2005

Sorry should have been "I didn't think it worked with Win XP but the site....."

  Indigo 1 16:12 22 Apr 2005

I was a bit nervous about XXCopy because it uses command line, I prefer GUI as I have never actually used command line much before and one little spelling mistake or syntax error could cause havoc I believe.

Never used a PC with Win9x, I had a Psion Palm with Win 3.1 for a while but did not use c/l on that either.

  pj123 16:28 22 Apr 2005

xxcopy is easy. Start, Run and type in:

xxcopy c:\ d:\ /clone

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