XXClone Hangover

  JON99 09:20 17 Apr 2004

Recently I used xxclone to copy the contents of my C drive on to a new drive.
For various reasons I have since abandoned the project and have reverted to using the original drive. But, despite the fact that the cloned drive no longer exists in my machine, during the boot up sequence the machine still pauses to allow a choice between original and target drives. Whilst this is not a serious problem it does slow down the boot up and just seems unnecessary. Does anyone know how I can remove this option?

XP Pro, AMD XP 2700+ on a gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra motherboard.

  Wak 19:12 17 Apr 2004

Hi, I don't think your problem originates from XXCLONE as this is just another program which you either use or do not use.
I think your problem is caused by the boot up program you installed to give you the choice of selecting which drive you want.
Was it a separate hard drive you had or just another partition on the original drive??
Have you looked in the Control Panel and tried to remove the boot-up program??

  JON99 15:50 18 Apr 2004

Thanks for that Wak and it was a separate hard drive. But I'm not aware that I installed anything other than xxclone, the boot option just appeared after I ran the cloning prog. I just assumed that it was a function of XXclone. I've looked at what's installed on my machine and can find no programme that would affect the boot up sequence.......any thoughts?

  Wak 21:41 18 Apr 2004

I haven't used XXCLONE, only XXCOPY and with that program you simply copy the full contents of one drive to another drive. You don't get the opportunity to select which drive to boot up.
I also have a drive with two partitions on it and installed a Boot-up manager in order to choose which partition to boot up with. I assumed that you must have done the same.
Have you been to the XXCLONE (or XXCOPY) web site???? There could be some assistance for you written there.

  JON99 22:07 19 Apr 2004

Again thanks Wak. I'll hit the site and see what I can find.

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