XXCLONE-Acronis TI-PowerQuest DI-NortonGhost

  mbp 11:58 30 Jun 2004

I am a bit confused. Do all the above 4 programs do about the same thing? XXClone is new to me. Is this a new? or beta? and Free program? XXclone is the program that I would like clarification about because the others have been around much longer and there have been many discussions of their merits, but not the new boy, XXclone.

I own Acronis True Image, so are the other programs not necessary for me? Can XXClone add some dimension that will be different to Acronis? There must be some difference in an IMAGE and a CLONE?

  SANTOS7 12:10 30 Jun 2004

click here hope this is what you look for

  mbp 15:50 30 Jun 2004

Thanks Santos 7, I was hoping some one would relate his/her experiences with XXClone

  pj123 15:51 30 Jun 2004

xxclone is an immediate solution ( for Win XP) to copy everything from one hard disk to another hard disk. In other words if you have a 20gb hard disk and want to install a higher capacity hard disk as the master, then xxclone is the way to go. Acronis, powerquest, norton ghost are programmes to make a restore disk on to CDs etc. for future use in case they are needed.

  mbp 16:01 30 Jun 2004

Thanks pj123, if xxclone copies everything to a second (External HDD) surely it can also be considered a complete clone back up? Yes/No? Can it be used to repair any corrupted programs later? Will it also copy the OEM operating system pre-installed behind a partition automatically?

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