smegs 15:16 18 Sep 2003

Can anyone help please? I had an email, what said was from Microsoft, with an attachment. I downloaded the attachment & Norton pick up a worm. I deleted this worm, but can on longer do anything with my pc, apart from go on the net. Has any1 else had this email & if so, how did U sort it? Xp home.

  expertec 15:23 18 Sep 2003

What was the worm's name?

  smegs 15:35 18 Sep 2003

All Norton came up with was C:\WINDOWS\XRNJPIR.EXE. So I deleted it, and now the Pc will not let me do anything. The file I downloaded was "PACK31" if thats any help.

  alcudia 15:36 18 Sep 2003

Can't find anything relating to this anywhere.
Do you have anymore info.
As expertec asks, did Norton report a name when it found it. Also where did you get this string of letters from. Do you have a file of this name on your system and is it running.

  Jester2K II 15:38 18 Sep 2003

The filename is random so will not reveal anything.

Possible Gibe infection click here

  Jester2K II 15:39 18 Sep 2003

Do you get any error messages when running programs etc?

If so, what are they EXACTLY??

  smegs 15:41 18 Sep 2003

I can't find anything out as it will not let me do anything with .EXE at the end. Can't even get into windows explorer

  smegs 15:45 18 Sep 2003

All it says is "Windows cannot find C:\WHATEVER.EXE, Make sure you tyed the name correctly, and try again.

  VoG II 15:57 18 Sep 2003
  VoG II 15:58 18 Sep 2003

Second link should have been click here

  Jester2K II 16:09 18 Sep 2003

Solved this two days ago on another PC. Similar.

Click on the envelope next to my name and send me a message I'll e-mail you a file back with instructions...

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