xpsp3 sata (newbuild)

  absent 22:39 05 May 2009

In a nutshell should XPsp3 install on to a new sata drive? or is a floppy/slipstreaming still required?


  phono 22:47 05 May 2009

I believe SP3 should have SATA support included, do a quick Google to confirm.

  absent 23:00 05 May 2009

Thanks phono,that is what I thought. Already checked out google (not my favourite source of advice) have posted here to get, in my opinion the best advice available.


  phono 23:11 05 May 2009

I don't use Google for advice, I use it to point to possible sources of good advice, such as these forums. :^)

  absent 20:11 12 May 2009

For others info I had to slipsteam the drivers using Nlite, worked like a dream.

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