XP...Slow starting up

  mrsp 16:43 13 Jun 2004

Lately my computer has been slow in starting up. I have not got a lot on it, and I have done the usual checkdisk, defrag, virus check and msconfig/startup and removed some items but they reappeared when I restarted the computer. It seems to have slowed down a lot has anyone any suggestions ??. Thank you in anticipation of a reply.

  Lozzy 16:48 13 Jun 2004

You prob have spyware on your PC download Adware or Spy Bot

click here

click here

  Lozzy 16:49 13 Jun 2004

I would also suggest downloading this as well its called Cleanup. click here

  mrsp 18:25 13 Jun 2004

Do I need all of them or which one is the best ?
I have recently noticed that my dial-up screen appears now when the computer has completed loading up at start-up, and I have not got it set to "connect automatically", would this have something to do with Spyware ?? Thank you for replying.

  neghness 18:36 13 Jun 2004

you'll want both adaware and spybot becasuse they both pick out slighly different types of programs. can't remember which goes what, can anyone let us know??
haven't heard of 'cleanup' before, can i have some more info on that please lozzy??

  mrsp 13:48 17 Jun 2004

I have downloaded Ad-aware, but have not managed Spybot, is this freeware and pay download ?. May I ask, scanning with Ad-aware it finds 5 "tracking" files, I delete them and when I return online there they are again. What are tracking files and are they harmfull ???, Cheers

  mrsp 17:55 17 Jun 2004

Any reply please, cheers

  TomJerry 19:07 17 Jun 2004

Check Device Drive from Control panel, Systems, hardware. See if you got any Yellow !. If there are, find correct driver and install them. If a driver not working properly, XP is having a hard time to find and load during start up. This is one of main reasons for slow bootup.

  johnnyrocker 19:32 17 Jun 2004

the best way in xp with unwanted start ups is start/run/services.msc and each item has a description and can be disabled from there.


  Fruit Bat 19:44 17 Jun 2004

click here This site will tell you what services can be switched off as per johnnyrocker post.


  mrsp 11:11 19 Jun 2004

Sorry to be a nuisance, but I have checked the system hardware, nothing in conflict there. I would not know what to disable or delete. I am worried I may mess it up completely !. However I would still like to know, what are "Tracking files" and do they do any harm to your computer.
Thank you for your help in the matter of slow startup. Cheers

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