XPpro SP2 install BSOD (was fine before)

  Mysticnas 08:19 07 Oct 2005

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my hardware, about a few months ago, kept the same XP install just plugged in parts.

Now for some reason, i bought a new hard drive and installed XPSP2pro and it keeps locking when it gets to desktop, and from this morning, before i came to work I doesn't even get as far as the windows logo, i quickly flashes BSOD and resets itself before i get a second to read anything. Basically I went into safe mode and it worked. but not in normal mode.

I installed it yesterday evening and when i had the lock up problems i looked up EVENT Viewer to see if i could find the problem; one of the warnings said failed to load SYSTEM_EVENT_BOOT_LOADER ???? ran sfc /scannow and ever since then i won't even get to desktop.

Any ideas?

Will try to reinstall again later this evening when i get home.

  Chegs ® 08:34 07 Oct 2005

Heat/Failed component/corrupt driver.

I had the pleasure[sic] of reinstalling XP+SP-2 on a PC recently.The PC was brought to me with a continuos BSOD appearing.I had it here for hours with no trouble.I returned it later that day,only for the PC to crash continually when he got it home.He brought it back again,and I spent hours trying to find out why it was crashing.I had a look in Event Viewer,no clues.Tried to run SFC,BSOD and repeatedly restarting before I could view the details of what it contained on the BSOD.I tried new CPU/RAM,etc but still kept getting BSOD's.I was visited by a mate,who (on looking into PC)noticed several capacitors swelling fit to burst.The PC's owner bought new mobo,I reinstalled XP and the PC is still running faultlessly.

  Mysticnas 08:52 07 Oct 2005

Surely it should be ok as i've been using it fine for over a year and recently with the new hardware installed.

Only when i decided to reinstall XP for a fresher feel.

I'll try it again today. It best not be my mobo! :o(

  Chegs ® 09:05 07 Oct 2005

I doubt if it will be your mobo,my previous post was just a sort of "could be"

I note you say you installed new HD recently,it could be the cause.Try makers website for HD Tester(Maxtor has MaxBlast)although this might not reveal a problem.It never showed any faults on my SATA drives,yet shortly after,both died within a week of each other.

  Mysticnas 09:45 07 Oct 2005

Thanks for that. I'll see later on tonight.

  Mysticnas 14:16 08 Oct 2005

Thanks for the input...

I got home and selected "Last known good config..." from boot menu.

Everything works fine now.

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