XPpro restarts when webcam plugged in!?

  Mysticnas 09:46 27 Jul 2003

Hi there again...

I've had a problem come up with my webcam. Everytime i plug it in, windows keeps rebooting. If i plug it in while pc is off windows gets to the splash screen then just reboots again... it'll go through this process over and over until i unplug the camera.

The thing it it worked fine before i moved my pc back home.

So whats going on? Does anyone know?

  graham√ 09:50 27 Jul 2003

USB? Try unplugging other devices and see if that makes a difference.

  jazzypop 09:55 27 Jul 2003

Sounds like a corrupted driver to me. First, try uninstalling and reinstalling the webcam software.

Next, change the way XP behaves when it encounters a fatal error - click here for a current thread that explains how.

Examining the System Event logs will also reveal useful info about the fault / conflict that is occurring.

I suspect the 'house move' factor is pure coincidence - but I could be wrong :)

  Mysticnas 09:55 27 Jul 2003

I've tried each device on by one, and on their own, the only one causing the problem was the webcam. I've tried the drivers and makes no diff.

  graham√ 15:59 27 Jul 2003

The webcam must have developed a fault. If under warranty, take it back.

  Sir Radfordin 17:56 27 Jul 2003

Have you done as Jazzypop suggested and taken the "automatically restart" option off the error settings?

XP tends not to give BSOD's but just reboots, which is normally fine but sometimes you need the info from the BSOD.

  Mysticnas 18:04 27 Jul 2003

device manager, and the device wasn't listed there.

So i installed the drivers again and all seems to work now... hmmm...


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