XP/Easy Cd Creator Problem

  jaycup 14:22 21 Jan 2003
  jaycup 14:22 21 Jan 2003

I have been trying to help a friend (at long distance) install Easy CD Creator Platinum. He like me, is running XP Pro (SP1) I have it up and running problem free but he cannot get it to install. He can install ECDC seemingly without problem and has downloaded the latest update patch which he needs to make it run on XP
but when he tries to install it he gets the message " cannot find a version of Easy CD Creator on your Computer" and so it will not install. On my direction he has tried installing the patch after the program install and a re-boot also installing the patch without an nitial re-boot. He has followed the instructions from Roxio for "Advanced Trouble Shooting in Windows XP" which basically recommends an install after a clean boot all of this with no success. It would look as if there is a conflict somewhere but you would think the clean-boot install would have cured that.
I have searched the web in vain, there are thousands of disgruntled people with similar problems but I have found no specific answers.
I am at a loss as to what to suggest next, has anyone had a similar experience and found the answer.

  Gerrycan 15:45 21 Jan 2003

Does he have the same set up as you,ie cd-rw and cd-rom/dvd-rom?he may need to do a compatability check with software and hardware with xp

  jaycup 16:21 21 Jan 2003

Sorry I should have said his drives are different from mine but he has XP compatible drivers and also ECDC was running until he had to un-install, so it is trying to re-install the program that is causing all the grief. I should also add that after the uninstall all residual files were thoroughly cleaned out from the hard drive and the Registry.

  zaneyjaney 21:35 07 Jul 2003

I am running XP home and have had horrendous problems with ECDC.Both 5 platignum and 6.Gave up in the end and decided to uninstall 6, whereupon my computer crashed and I was unable even to reinstall windows.I am a novice user but think I know the basics but this problem really floored me. Took offending computer to local experts who now have it up and running brilliantly. Nero is installed as I dare not try ECDC again , a pity because I really prefer ECDC.
Why do they produce programs that cause such problems


  Chegs ® 22:03 07 Jul 2003

I had been a user of XP Pro+SP-1 and since I installed this several progs/drivers refuse to work(ECDC was one)I also rectified this by installing Nero.In ECDC,I rarely got to use it,as each attempt to access the drive produced an "Unable to write....as drive is in use by another prog"This I presumed to be XP's own burning software,as I could write files with it(but anyone else using a cdr I created couldn't access the data,as everything tries to open as MediaPlayer on their puter)yet I could "see" the files as they were written.

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