poogles_uk 13:04 23 Apr 2004

Why do i not get better preformance with the above CPU form my old 1.2ghz?

It is jumpy in FS2002 also. Any ideas why as the preformance should be a lot better and on par with a Intel 2.8ghz

On a Far cry demo it says it nees a 1.8 or 2.0ghz processor and on my old 1.2ghz it was very slow, and on my new one it was nearly the same as the old one

  jim1947 13:18 23 Apr 2004

Probably your graphics card needs updating.

  BeForU 14:29 23 Apr 2004

Agreed with jim1947. It would be down to your graphics card and also your RAM as well. What are the full specs of your computer?

  TomJerry 15:25 23 Apr 2004

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  poogles_uk 15:08 25 Apr 2004

OK I have a single block of INfineon PC3200 512mb Ram.

I have an XFX Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb AGP8x graphics card. I have been told by CCL tech that it ain't my graphics card, but theyve got no solutions.

What is the use of spending 276 on a graphics card that will be outdated in a year of 2?

I got a new mobo, dvd, cables etc for 300!!!

  TomJerry 20:50 25 Apr 2004

for some modern demanding games. All IT gears will be out of dated in a few weeks/months time, just get the right stuff for the job you required. Good graphics cards are very expensive, but I think 9600 card (£66) should be fine.

  NGE 20:52 25 Apr 2004

have you set the fsb settings correctly? By default when i used it it was set to a 1.2 ghz processor. correct settings is 166 x 12.5

  woodchip 20:55 25 Apr 2004

It's a lot cheaper to buy a PS2

  Totally-braindead 21:03 25 Apr 2004

Regarding the FarCry demo it could well be your graphics card, this game needs a very high spec to run (especially in the graphics department) but even though your card is reasonably old by todays standards I can't understand why your having trouble with FS2002 it works with almost anything and its quite an old game now I think its even on budget now. The only thing I can think of is the setup isn't right somehow. How about NGEs suggestion? Just remembered something, and it may not be this but, a friend of mine bought a new board and processor last year and used his existing hard drive which was about 3 years old and he found that there wasn't much speed difference in a lot of games. He bought a new 7200rpm hard drive reinstalled everything and it was amazingly fast. Can't say for certain that it was the hard drive as he may have inadvertantly installed something wrongly the first time round.

  Doogie Howser 21:46 25 Apr 2004

I have an XP 2800+ Barton in my desktop (ABIT AT7 Max2 MOBO)and a Pentium 2.8 in a sony vaio laptop. Both have 40 GB hard drives and 512 RAM. The Athlon is noticeably quicker than the Pentium. It's also noticeably quicker than my old Athlon 1.4, so it sounds like you may have a problem with your setup. Have you checked the settings in the Bios as NGE has suggested?

  SGT [email protected] 00:53 26 Apr 2004

its not the graphics card's spec thats at fault unless its knackered , i play farcry on my gf4 ti4200 64mb without any problems at all and thats with most of the setting put at high.

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