xp2600 recognition problem

  lukecarey 12:15 19 Sep 2003

I have just bought an athlon xp2600 processor but in boot up and windows XP it says its only 1.66 ghz, i have changed fsb to 133 but it doesnt help much. I have no option for core multiplier so i cant change that. i have also flashed my bios but still no luck also in system properties it says unkown CPU type, dont know if thats a problem or not. Any help would be appretiated

  MAJ 12:39 19 Sep 2003

If it's one of the new Athlon XP 2600+ processors, they have a FSB of 333MHz, which means you need to set the fsb on your motherboard to 166MHZ, assuming it supports that speed and that you're using PC2700 DDR memory.

  MAJ 12:40 19 Sep 2003

But make sure it is 333MHZ and not 266MHz, lukecarey.

  lukecarey 14:28 19 Sep 2003

it does have 333mhz fsb, i have changed it to 166 on the jumpers but there is no option for this in the bios and theres no change in speed

  Mike574 16:32 19 Sep 2003

Have you checked to see if your mobo can take a XP 2600+ ? Try setting your processor clock speed to manual and you might then be able to change your multiplier setting. Set your fsb to 166 and multiplier to 12.5 and this should give you the correct processor clock speed eg. 166mhz x 12.5 = 2075 mhz. Also I am suprised your mobo didn't automatically pick up the correct speed. This happened to me when I upgraded to an XP2800+ and in the end it was a faulty processor. Good luck.

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