xp2500 barton cpu temperature

  mercedesjb 22:37 18 Feb 2006

I have had several problems - intermittant shut down etc

I have asus probe cpu reading of upwards of 71*
It isn't clocked, I have moved speed down to 1466mz
Put extra fans in case, left case side off!!

Could this be the cause? or is it the psu? because when it does shut down etc, I have to switch off at back of case for a few sec's and then press power button at front.

  Longhouse 00:28 19 Feb 2006

71*+ seems pretty high. Have you checked heat sink is clear of debris and seated properly with thermal compound?

found a thread running with a si,ilar problem to yours, may help?
click here

Check the MoBo BIOS for temperature alarm / shutdown settings.


  rupie 01:03 19 Feb 2006

I had a cpu over heating issue just before xmas, whitch I posted on this site(over 65 degrees). I was prompted into using a progarm call Everest Ultimate to test for temperatures of varous pieces of hardware etc. Some software makes the cpu work harder than others and that is what makes the temp go up and down. To cure the problem I bought a new cpu heat sink (£20) and put it in place; taking great care to replace and correctly apply the thermal compound. I can now run any software with the temp well within safe limits. leaving the side off does let air escape from the unit but lits children in !!!

  gooberfish 09:32 19 Feb 2006

and it lets large amounts o dust in if you leave the side off of the case

  961 10:01 19 Feb 2006

My Barton 2500 runs around the 45 deg mark

AMD max temp from their web site is actually 85deg

The other BIOS settings are 1833mhz. 11x multiplier, 1.65 volts FSB 333 Host clock 166

What you say about switching off leads me to wonder if the connections to the case front panel are wrongly configured. Can you check these with the motherboard manual

Leaving case side off will not usually lower temperature. Neither sometimes will installing an input fan at the front

One psu extract fan and one extract fan at the back of the case together with the cpu fan and grahics card fan are usually sufficient

  Totally-braindead 11:19 19 Feb 2006

The computer I replaced at Xmas had the same processor as you and it ran at between 40 and 45 degrees. When we had the really hot spell a while ago it still never went above 50.
Leaving the side off isn't a good idea it can in some cases actually make it hotter. The idea of fans is to get the airflow running across the components drawing the warm air away and bringing cooler air in, usually in at the front and out at the back, taking the sides off disrupts the flow and can make things hotter.
Firstly make sure the fans are set the right way round, in at the front out at the back, secondly I think removing the processor may be advisable and replacing the thermal paste. If you haven't done this before post back and I'm sure someone will help. It is very important to remove all the old thermal paste before applying the new stuff by the way. If you don't there will be hot spots and you could blow the processor.

  rmcqua 13:55 19 Feb 2006

71 degrees is definitely too hot and is likely the cause of your intermittent shut down, even though the spec. says max 85.
As you are not overclocking I would suspect either a faulty fan or poor thermal contavt between the CPU and the heat sink.
rupie and Totally-braindead offer some good advice. I would definitely spend 20 pounds or so on a higher spec. heatsink and fan, like this one as a suggestion:
click here

  mercedesjb 16:33 19 Feb 2006

Thanks for all your help.I think its all sorted.

Fitted new heat sink and fan and special thermal paste.

Hey presto 34degrees!!! can't believe eat.

I hope this has cured the shut down problems!!

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