XP2500+ Barton Core

  TJ Macintosh 23:21 05 Sep 2003

Bought this, proceeded overclocking, got up to 2.09GHz, at which stage oit correctly identifies as 2800+. This is at multiplier of (12.5/13), when i go higher, (14), it recognises the cpu as 835MHz AMD ATHLON??????? so does that mean i have to unlok the L1 bridges to go higher? i have heard of people gettin this CPU up to 2.5GHz!

  TJ Macintosh 23:35 05 Sep 2003

Id just like to say that I have now got it running at multiplier of (12,5/13) which is recognised as XP2800+, only when i goabove i have this reduction in speed, but the FSB always stays at 166, which seem to confuse me,as i cnt work out how the calculatio for 835MHz is made!!??!!??

So just askin again, do I ahve to physicall unlok the cpu? to get it higher!??

  TJ Macintosh 23:36 05 Sep 2003

I am sure I dnt have to increase the voltage just yet.

  TJ Macintosh 00:52 06 Sep 2003


  TJ Macintosh 00:52 06 Sep 2003

please anyone!????? :-(

  kane_2002k 03:23 06 Sep 2003

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In view of your question of the cpu being recongised incorrectly as a 835mhz, when u overclock, it may well be the motherboard safety kicking in. Also i was under the impression that the easiest (most stable) way to overclock a athlon xp of the barton generation was to increase the fsb.

  TJ Macintosh 04:04 06 Sep 2003

well at the moment I have it recognised as a 2800+XP, but actually running at 2.2GHz, here i have the fsb at 177 n the multiplier set to 12.5/13. At load it is 61C, n idle at 50 something!. So is ok considering my old duron used to idle at 68C!

So is this set up ok for now??

  kane_2002k 14:21 06 Sep 2003

maybe a little high, but as long as it is stable don't worry about it.

  Djohn 15:07 06 Sep 2003

As kane_2002k says, the temp. is a little on the high side, but the AMD will go to a max. of 90c before damage. Might be a good idea to go back into BIOS and if you have the option, [Mine does] set safety cut-out to a max. of 70c. This will then just shut your system down for a while rather than fry the CPU. j.

  Rayuk 15:29 06 Sep 2003

Would be best if you let us know what motherboard you are using.

Sometimes the multipliers work for 2 variations ie 14 or 5/ 15 or 6 if you follow my meaning.

Also would be careful going up that far with the cooling you have,what heat sink and fan are you using?.

  The Sack 15:30 06 Sep 2003

If you get that core to 2.5GHz using a vcore under 2V and air cooled i will eat my monitor.

BTW for some reason Bartons and 333 TBreds overclock higher if you get them to default to a 266MHz FSB.

My XP2400+ (tbred core) will do 440MHz FSB at 2.2GHz (1.8 Vcore) with the RAM in sync and remain stable but the heat produced isnt worth the effort TBH. I just run it at its default speed but with a mulitplier of 200x10 it doesnt go higher than 53C under full load then.

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