XP2000+=1250Mhz? DESPERATE

  chriscars1 19:37 24 Jan 2003

I have just built a brand new system useing an ECS K7S5A-L mobo, XP2000+266Mhx fsb, 256mb memory a 60gb western digital and a radeon 64mb ddr 4xagp graphics card. When i switch it on it says that the cpu is 1250Mhz but when i go into the bios to change it, i only get the option of 100/100Mhz or 133/133Mhz. If i change it to 133/133Mhz save settings and exit the screen goes black and i have to clear the cmos and start again. Please help as this system is for somebody else.

  Djohn 19:47 24 Jan 2003

From AMD web site, I think the board will need a flash to bring it up to date. 133 is the correct setting. Regards J.

Outdated BIOS

A misidentified processor is usually the result of an outdated BIOS. If the reported frequency is incorrect and all motherboard settings are configured correctly (core voltage, bus speed, and clock multiplier), the processor is probably running at the correct speed, but is being misidentified by the BIOS. This can be confirmed by running a utility such as CPUID. This utility, available at the AMD Processor Utilities and Updates page, will measure the frequency the processor is actually running at. An outdated BIOS can also result in the processor's type being identified incorrectly, or being identified as "unknown".

  Djohn 19:53 24 Jan 2003

Look on this page and verify correct board and download. click here

  Djohn 20:09 24 Jan 2003

More info. on the board and CPU. J.

Model Name PCB Ver. Since BIOS 133MHz 133MHz (0.13µ)
K7AMA 1.5 02/08/12 2000+ 2600+
K7S5A 1.X / 3.1A 02/08/09 2100+ 2600+
K7S5A2 1.X 1.0g OK OK (H/W Support)
K7S6A 1.0 1.0f 2100+ 2600+
K7SEM 1.0+B1 1.1e 2100+ 2200+
K7SEM 3.0A 3.0a 2100+ 2600+
K7SOM 1.3 020828 OK OK
K7VTA2 2.0 2.2 2000+ 2600+
K7VTA3 3.0 / 3.1 3.0d 2100+ 2600+
K7VZA 3.0 3.7 2000+ 2200+

K7VZM 3.0 3.7 2000+ 2200+

K7VMM 1.2 020812 2100+ 2600+
L7VTA 1.X 1.3 2100+ 2600+

  professor 20:37 24 Jan 2003

hey b4 u try any of the above hassle have u just tryed compleatly resetting the bios\cmos and setting the frequency to 133 and the detection process of the cpu to the auto setting if u have an that doesnt work try setting it up manually.


  Plummers 20:52 24 Jan 2003

I had the same fault a few months ago and fixed it by clicking "Load High Performance Defaults" in BIOS and it fixed it straight away.

  BillyBee 21:18 24 Jan 2003

according to AMD K7S5a is not a recommended board for the xp2000+, but ECS say's there is a bios updrade.

I had terible problems with this board using an 1800+ model 8 "Thoroughbred" cpu, AMD say no ECS appear to say yes, changed it to 1800+ model 6 "Palamino" no probs since.

  chriscars1 21:55 24 Jan 2003

I have loaded the latest bios which supports up to xp2600 loaded the high performance defaults, but it stills says 1250Mhz. Like i said the only option i have in the cmos is 100/100Mhz or 133/133Mhz. Help i need 266Mhz

  BillyBee 22:43 24 Jan 2003

133/133 MHz will give u 266 it doubles.

there is an issue with some if these boards, bios resetting, but the latest bios update should clear this, as above my 1800+ kept reverting to 1150 MHz 100/100, and even resetting date to original date of bios 08/09/02, but i could change to 133/133 and it would run, just on bootup bios would reset itself, but my problem was wrong CPU.

you have got a revision 3.1 board I hope as rev 1.0 doesn't like XP's.

sorry i can't be anymore help.


  chriscars1 22:50 24 Jan 2003

Cheers BillyBee. I thought it was 133 for the cpu and 133 for the memory. Is there a cpu auto detect on this board as the prof. suggested.

  BillyBee 23:00 24 Jan 2003

not acording to my manual, but there are more settings in my bios than showing in the manual, may be an old manual but it says revision 3.1a so would have thought it is up to date.


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