XP2000 Temperature Problem

  smcarlsen 08:49 22 Jan 2003
  smcarlsen 08:49 22 Jan 2003

Please could someone advise me on what the average temperture an AMD XP200+ cpu should run at?
At the moment I have it running at 60c (idle)and when it is given some work to do it can climb anywhere into the low 70s.

The spec of my pc is as follows:

AMD Athlon XP2000+ cpu
Zalman Flower Cooler
Soltek SL75 DRV5 motherboard
256mb Crucial DDR memory
Lian Li Aluminium Case (2 fans in the front and an exhaust fan in the rear).
Enermax 350W PSU (dual fan)
80Gb IBM Deskstar HDD

I have recently changed my cooling solution from a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ to the Zalman flower cooler. The problem with the Volcano was the noise generated by the fan and the temperatures were still quite high, they were in the mid 50s (idle) and getting into the low 60s after being worked. The thermal compound that I had been using was some Coolermaster stuff, I have recently changed to the Artic Silver 3.

Am I expecting too much for my temp range being in the high 30s to low 40s? I have read that the XP processors can run as high as a 100c. I would like to overclock in the future, but with the temps being as they are, there doesn't seem to be much point as I suspect that there could be some problems.
Is there anything I could do to make sure there is full contact between the heatsink and cpu?
Any advise on this matter would be most welcome.

Many thanks

  grove34 09:31 22 Jan 2003

have you tried updating your bios because maybe its not reporting the right temps.

  AndySD 09:43 22 Jan 2003

Have you tried repositioning the fan blowing air over the Zalman Flower Cooler

  cherria 10:12 22 Jan 2003

Here is a quote from the AMD technical literature

"Although "normal" operating temperatures are not specified for AMD processors, there are maximum operating temperature ratings that must not be exceeded. "

The maximum quoted is 90 so at 60-70 I wouldn't be worried. A big influence on the temperature reported is often the location of the sensors so you will get large variances depending on what motherboard you use. I run an Athlon on a Gigabyte motherboard and it sits at about 67 in the winter and 73 in the summer I've had no problems with this.

  smcarlsen 11:47 22 Jan 2003

I have a utility that measures the core temperature and I have a thermometer with a probe I have positioned as close to the cpu die as i can without touching it, when the core temp is at, say 60c, the thermometer probe will measure at about 45c. I consider the core temperature to be quite hotter than what the probe will measure.

Do you think that there is too much of a temperature gap between the 2 readings?

I have tried repositioning the fan and I haven't updated my BIOS, I was thinking that I would try that as the very last resort as everything else is ok on my pc.

I have yet to fit a decent graphics card to my comp, will there be much of a temperature rise when I start "hard-core" gaming?

  Lead 12:33 22 Jan 2003

I have just lost my entire reply, again!

Anyway, I was basically saying I think your temperatures are way to high and will need to be sorted before you can consider overclocking.

I currently have my XP2200+ overclocked from 1.8GHz to 1.9Ghz, CPU temps are 44C idle, 49C load.

I check and compare temperatures from the BIOS, Motherboard Monitor click here and SiSoft Sandra click here. Do they all report similar high temps for you?

What is your case cooling like? If you haven't sufficient air flow in/out of the case, the hot air will be hanging around inside, when you want it outside.

  Lead 12:37 22 Jan 2003

Though: Are you using the fan speed controller? Is it set high enough?

  special sophie 13:46 22 Jan 2003

try round ide and floppy cables i have a desktop case with a 900mhz duron over clocked to 971mhz which used to run at 51c after fitting a case fan and round cables it is now running at 41c not bad i thought

  smcarlsen 13:59 22 Jan 2003

I have all my fans, 2 front, 1 rear exhaust, cpu and psu all on full speed. The temperature in the case is at 22c. I have tried with the sides off, but cpu temp is still high. I have been using the motherboard monitor and the temps are the same as what the bios is reporting. Wouldn't the monitor and sandra share the info source that the bios uses?

I feel that my cooling solution is adequate, and it is AMD recommended just cannot understand why the high temps. I'm starting to thing bios update,,,what do you think?

Thanks for your time

  smcarlsen 14:04 22 Jan 2003

When I built the comp, i put round ide cables in for better air flow, I have them tied well back so as not to cause any obstruction. I have tried to leave as little clutter inside the case as possible, wires etc. I am possibly considering using a small freezer as my next pc case :0)

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