XP wont start

  wobbler 20:44 07 Jan 2003
  wobbler 20:44 07 Jan 2003

Running XP home, or rather I was!!My PC just wont boot, either from the HDD or the CD, though it will from a floppy into dOS. I suspect that the boot sector on the HDD is corrupted. Can I fix this without losing data?

  Chris777 20:45 07 Jan 2003

Depends... what error message are you getting and is it making any weird clanking noises while trying to boot?

  wobbler 20:50 07 Jan 2003

no noises, just normal hum, error message says "cant read disk, press CNTRL ALT DEL to Continue"

  Ronnie-323427 20:52 07 Jan 2003

If your in DOS, try checking your drive from there.
type "C:" return, "dir" return, and see what comes up.
without the quotes

  wobbler 21:39 07 Jan 2003

On the C drive are 4 files

The eroor message when I switch on says "unable to read drive". If I boot to the XP Cd it says "starting setup please wait2, then the screen goes blank and nothing happens.Hope this helps someone to help me.

  VoG™ 23:24 07 Jan 2003


  wobbler 00:48 08 Jan 2003

Having downloaded and created some xp boot floppies, i have now a littl elife into the system. Trouble is, XP reports that the C drive is either not partitioned or has a damaged partition and wants to redefine it, losing all data. Since I believe most of the data is in 2 files that scandisk created can i recover or save it for future use?

  wawadave 02:12 08 Jan 2003

by some chance you or a frend have partion magic resque floppys?
might or might not beable to fix partion with it. seem to rember reading some thing about this. any one else know more?

  wobbler 09:09 08 Jan 2003

Tried partition magic, it reports that the partition is faulty but doesn't repair it.

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