XP won't reinstall

  Peverelli 19:50 01 Jul 2003

After too many problems to go into here, I decided to start from afresh. Formatted HD using Seagate's DiskWizard 2003, reinstalled W98 and then tried to upgrade back to XP (home edition). Every now and then the installion stopped because certain items could not be copied (fontext.dll -dxdiag.exe - ssdpsrv.dll - bnts.dll). I had the choices to either exit setup or ignore, so chose the latter. XP eventually started up after many attempts but was crashing too often. I tried to install Windows update but that stalled when it told me that one of the components I was trying to install (msoeres.dll) was not approved by Microsoft (??????) After that the system hung and eventually I had to bite the bullet and am now back with W98 (which is not without its problems). Has anybody got any suggestions to overcome the upgrade problem?


Athlon 2400+, 768Mb SDRAM, AsRock K7VT2 motherboard.

  barrie_g 19:54 01 Jul 2003

try to re-install xp though format the hard drive from the xp cd.

If this gives no joy contact microsoft and explain the situation to them, you might be surprised by how helpful they are.

  Philip2 20:30 01 Jul 2003

Use the full version sounds like your using the upgrade version that won't work.

  Peverelli 20:33 01 Jul 2003

I didn't know one could format the HD using the XP CD. Wouldn't that cause a problem by erasing W98, leaving it with nothing to upgrade? Could it be a faulty CD & if so - would MS swap it?


  Peverelli 20:39 01 Jul 2003

The upgrade version will work, providing you already have a legitimate copy of W98 (which I have). I had no problem doing this when I first purchased the upgrade pack back in February.

  tony1160 21:56 01 Jul 2003

when installing xp> dont you get an option for clean install(advanced) which will give you a duel boot ,and both 98se and xp

Assuming you haven't tried this, configure the BIOS so that your CD drive is the first boot device and restart the PC.

XP will give you the option to format your hard drive. During the installation, XP will ask you to insert the W98 CD for verification purposes, after which you can remove it then reinsert the XP CD to complete the installation.

Hope you get this sorted.

  Philip2 22:21 01 Jul 2003

As. i said in my view for what it is worth to do a clean install you need the full version as you have formated the hard drive i have found you get errors putting XP over W98 some people may differ on this.

  zanwalk 22:25 01 Jul 2003

You do not need a full version of XP to do a clean install, an upgrade CD will do exactly the same, the difference being that it will ask you to pop in your W98 CD for confirmation.


If you follow advice given by JamesF, you should have no problems.

  midase 22:48 01 Jul 2003

Seagates disc wizard 2003 is for adding a second hard drive. What you should use is the starter edition, BUT, you don't need it. As has been suggested change the boot sequence to start with cd drive.

  Peverelli 22:50 01 Jul 2003

Off to work now, so will have another go tomorrow. Thanks for your time everyone.

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