xp wont recognise modem.

  Gixxer Thou 22:08 03 May 2003

sometimes i have to restart my pc upto 3 times, to get it to recognise my modem, this used to happen on my old dial up modem+now does the same to my freeserve b/band copper jet thing!
Please Help..........

  H-J 22:32 03 May 2003

If its an internal, try re-seating it. and be carefull when tightening the screw that the opposite corner doesnt lift slightly in a see-saw manner. if no joy, try it in another slot as the one it's in might be dodgy (assuming it's a PCI card).

if its an external and you still have an internal, try disablig the internal on in dev man. thinking about it, better remove it from the system alltogether.

these are the first things that spring to mind, and they will not cost any money to try.


  froggg 22:51 03 May 2003

sis chipset has some issues with usb voltages-maybe relevant

  Gixxer Thou 10:19 04 May 2003

cheers, but have already disconnected my internal modem,and problem still occurs with external modem.

  Gixxer Thou 22:08 04 May 2003

i've uninstalled my internal modem,and now gone into the device manager and there are no conflicts showing,i'm getting a bit stumped by this.Any Ideas ?

  Gixxer Thou 20:32 14 May 2003

Still needing to re-start pc to get a connection.

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