eysha 14:51 01 May 2009

Hi, i am trying to help a friend wither his computer but XP won't load on its own. he had the hard drive wiped and XP re-installed so far so good, but when it is restarted it will not load. it will start in safe mode but not on its own. anyone any ideas? there is no programmes on it as yet so nothing to interfeer with it. it is a pentium 4.

  Pineman100 18:13 01 May 2009

"he had the hard drive wiped and XP re-installed"

By whom? If he paid someone to do it, then he should take it back and demand that the job is done again - properly.

If he did it himself, then I suggest that the XP reinstall should be done again. Boot from the XP disk and run a full reinstall (not a repair).

As he hasn't loaded any software yet, and presumably no data, then he won't have anything to lose.

  eysha 12:46 02 May 2009

phoned him and told him of your instructions which he followed so XP is now reinstalled but with no difference.
he did this himself, not via a shop and the
disk is a genuine one too.
looks fine when installing, problem is when starting up computer again. the XP logo appears then a black screen. the computer can be heard turning over as if it is trying to start up but it never does, just the black screen and that's it.
what now?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 02 May 2009

Install sticking at black screen on reboot is usually a driver problem.

Make sure you have taken the CD out of the drive.

Sometimes patience is a virtue, I have one that once took well over half an hour on the black screen before finally working and then booted OK every time afterwards.

A bad memory stick may also cause it to stick at this point so try with one stick at a time.

  eysha 18:08 02 May 2009

thanks Fruitbat, the CD was taken out and there is only one stick of memor in his computer, He told me, but i will tell him to wait and wait. if yours was over half and hour okay.
could it be anything else?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 02 May 2009

As I said usually a driver problem so disconnect any USB devices printers etc. even a modem if fitted.

  eysha 18:25 02 May 2009

no USB things attached yet but modem yes, i looked.
wouldn't XP install all the required drivers?

  Geeksy 20:11 02 May 2009

Would he be able to get hold of another harddrive with XP installed on and use that to see if the PC will boot up.
If it does boot up using a different HDD then it sounds like the MBR on the 1st HDD has error on it.

  eysha 20:18 02 May 2009

how would he know if the HD has errors on it? is there a way to check?

  Geeksy 20:46 02 May 2009

MBR = Master boot record

Click the link for a tutorial how to check ur HDD in dos.

  eysha 12:12 03 May 2009

sorry, i don't see the link Geeksy.

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