XP won't load

  Colt45 15:50 05 Feb 2004

My daughter asked me to try and mend her PC as her M/B had stopped working and I can't. It run 98se before and I was trying to upgrade to XP. When I try to set XP up(new install or upgrade) it won't get passed "Setting up windows" it just won't go any further. If I load up 98se it works fine.The only thing that might mean something is, just before it starts to boot from CD it says "no emulation".Things I've tried :- New mem. 512 DDR DIMMs. New M/B Asus A7V8X-X (tried a K7S6A first). New CPU 2100xp. New drive 80gb. Tried my PC's power unit.Tried loading from different CD roms. Tried two verions of XP both work fine in my PC. All the new stuff is still in the PC, There's nothing left. Can anyone come up with anything. I'm not to good on PC's.
Thanks Bob

  ventanas 16:07 05 Feb 2004

This article click here
refers to some issues relating to "no emulation" might be of some use to you. It was originally for Win2K, but as I found it under XP articles probably applies as well.

  Colt45 16:48 05 Feb 2004

How or where would I find the following out? "Your computer must have El-Torito No Emulation CD boot support if it is an x86-based platform"

  ventanas 17:02 05 Feb 2004

click here

On reading the article could there be a problem with your cd drive?

  Colt45 17:20 05 Feb 2004

I have two CD drives and I cant load on either. Would loading later firmware help. I'm not sure where I should be looking for "El-Torito No Emulation CD boot support "

  Colt45 17:47 05 Feb 2004

I now understand what your trying to tell me. I will see how I get on

  keith-236785 18:27 05 Feb 2004

are you trying to upgrade win98 to winxp, if so it should be simply a case of putting on the cd and allowing the disc to autorun then choosing upgrade.

however it doesnt seem to be working out for you.

put the winxp cd in the drive.

does it autorun to a menu?

if so, choose the bottom option (system compatability check), let it run through the check and post the result here, it might just be that the problem is an incompatibility problem.

you say you can get into win98,

if so, right click My Computer icon, choose properties, then device manager. See if there are any yellow exclamation marks against anything.

good luck

  Colt45 08:56 06 Feb 2004

I loaded xp to the hard disc then tried to install from there, it done the same thing stopped at setting up windows. I never get to the point to format drive.

  Colt45 22:05 06 Feb 2004

I down loaded new firm ware for the CDrom and it loaded XP first time. that for help.

  Colt45 22:06 06 Feb 2004

I ment THANKS not that.

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