XP won't boot

  mrbuk 21:41 29 Oct 2006

Hi all, just done some upgrades to daughters pc, put a Gigabyte GA-71XE4 board with 850 Mhz cpu.
When pc is switched on, it goes just past boot screen and freezes, either blank screen or the 'did not shut down' screen, it feezes when any option is selected.
anyone got an idea, I'm pulling out what ever hair I have left.

  skell 21:59 29 Oct 2006

What os are you using and did you reformat the hard drive before installing the mobo? also..did you fit the cpu yourself or was it already fitted? and do you get the usual post bleep when you boot up?

  skidzy 22:03 29 Oct 2006

The Gigabyte GA71XE4 motherboard is another very good and under rated product from a good manufacturer. This board is well laid out and is very easy to set up and the chip is situated so it is easy to attatch the fan, this is a problem on some boards when in place in the case. The board has 5 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots and one AGP as well as 3 DIMM slots which will take over 750MB of sdram pc 133or pc100. The board has 2 usb sockets built in and also more available by adding an extra cable and fitting. It is obviously ATX format but you need the larger Athlon cases to fit it in. It supports UDMA 33/66 and upto 1ghz processor (with the bios flash}

Taken from click here
Looks like you may possibly have to update the bios mrbuk.

Im not sure if Gigabyte still offer support for your mobo,it may be me but i cannot find your mobo on there website.

  mrbuk 22:07 29 Oct 2006

Hi skell,thanks for replying, HD was fairly new running 98, upgraded to XP, then problem started. CPU was fitted ready, worked fine with 98. No post bleep with 98 or the XP. I have reformatted the drive useing start up disk tools and and have even reformatted the drive by putting it in my own pc and loading XP that way. Worked fine on my PC, but still does nothing on the other.

  mrbuk 22:11 29 Oct 2006

Hi skidzy, updating bios!!!!!whoa boy, getting technical for me now, how would I do that? and does the pc need to be running an operating system to do it?

  skidzy 22:14 29 Oct 2006

Will the system boot into safe mode Tapping F8 onstartup will get you into safe mode.

Try this first and post back mrbuk.

  skidzy 22:16 29 Oct 2006

Just to add,if you have the windows disc handy you could try sfc /scannow (note the space)click here

  skidzy 22:18 29 Oct 2006

If still freezing try extra ram if possible,you didnt say how much ram the pc has.

Hope this helps.

  skell 22:32 29 Oct 2006

<<<worked fine with 98. No post bleep with 98 or the XP>>>

are you saying the system was working fine even tho you had no post bleep when running win98- strange- but since updating to Xp thats when the system wont boot? or the hard drive was working fine in another system. sorry if i sound confused just want to make sure i understand you correctly.

make sure all the cables and connectors are plugged in ok. un plug them and plug them in again just to certain.

  mrbuk 08:35 30 Oct 2006

Updated to XP and now does not work. HD works fine on another system. I also have a spare HD with XP on it that I know works, that will not boot up either. All the cables are in fine, all drive jumpers are set correctly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 30 Oct 2006

Did you update to XP BEFORE Changing the board.

Same problem with other drive, The rivers in XP are for the other motherboard (the one you installed XP on) and will not boot if put into a PC with different board.

Will it boot to safe mode? Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

If not set the BIOS to boot from CD as first boot device the boot from the cd format the drive and instal XP.

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