XP - Windows Explorer error - blank desktop

  malynx 01:11 15 Oct 2007

Regarding Windows XP SP2.

A few hours ago, I urged a friend to update his internet browser.
He installed IE7, and all seemed well until he was prompted to complete the installation by restarting his PC now or later.

He choose "Restart now", the PC rebooted and everything seemed normal up to the point that the Desktop Background picture appeared but without the toolbar or any icons.

Instead a message box appeared stating:
"Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close".

Along with the send error report function.

Right click with the mouse doesn't work either.

Faced with a blank screen, the only thing I knew to try was "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Del" to call up the Task Manager - which I used to reboot the PC.

I have tried launching in Safe Mode but the result is the same.

I have also tried Rebooting to the "Last Known Good Configuration" - but this didn't make any difference.

I am able to access Command Prompt by choosing that Safe Mode option, but I don't know what to do once there.

Regretfully he had a few important documents that he hadn't yet backed up - my first priority is to retreive them.

I appreciate any help, advice or ideas anybody has.

- Please.

have you tried a system restore?

  malynx 01:28 15 Oct 2007

How can I access the "System Restore" facility?

  malynx 01:34 15 Oct 2007

That's good advice - thanks Raven.

I will try that tomorrow morning.

To be honest though I would have expected the "Boot to Last Known Good Configuration" to have done the System Restore technique.

yeah you would think so,give it a try im sure the dayshift will give you some further pointers should it not work
good luck.

also try sfc /scannow in safe mode

  malynx 01:54 15 Oct 2007

Okay - I'll try that too.

click here

Do I just type:


into the Command Prompt?

sfc /scannow
note the space between c and /

  malynx 02:00 15 Oct 2007

Lovely Raven

Thanks again

  malynx 21:23 15 Oct 2007

Thanks Raven:

the System Recovery worked and I was able to back up the files.

I ran Scannow, but I don't know if it did anything - one minute it was scanning, then it had finished(?) without a notification or report or anything!

His PC still has problems but his files are safely backed up now.

Thanks again.

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