XP to Windows 7 Compatability

  kevma 16:14 08 Mar 2010

Hi, I want to move all my photos from my old laptop, running XP to my new one running Windows 7. I have just brought a flash drive to do this but on the packet it says, System requirements- XP and vista. So the thing is will it work?

  GaT7 16:34 08 Mar 2010

Should be OK. I have couple of USB flash drives dating back a few years (when Win7 was unheard of) & they work fine in Win7. I didn't even have to install any drivers.

What's the make & model of the one you bought recently? G

  Pineman100 17:07 08 Mar 2010

As Crossbow7 says, you shouldn't have any problems. Most devices that will work with Vista will also work on W7.

The best thing is simply to plug it in and see.

  kevma 20:13 08 Mar 2010

Yep, works fine.
Thanks for your help.

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