XP Window Sizing

  CDL 14:55 18 Apr 2004

Who can refresh my memory !
How do I ensure that when I open a new window , it opens maximised (or as per my previous view of it) ?

I thought that this setting was in folder options - 'remember last view' but of course this is for the folder view and not the window !


  lucky1 14:59 18 Apr 2004

Think I received advice on this once. If the window is minimised, left click anywhere on it, kee the mouse key held down, then drag the window to it's maximum size. Know doubt someone will leap in and correct me if I'm wromg here!

  lucky1 15:00 18 Apr 2004

My spelling and grammar are getting worse by the day!

  CDL 15:11 18 Apr 2004

Hello lucky1 !

Thanks, but that doesn't work !

....youre smellin and grummer aint that dad - colud be worser..

  VoG II 15:15 18 Apr 2004

Is this in Internet Explorer? Or what?

  lucky1 15:22 18 Apr 2004

Don't know if you're in meaning in Explorer but perhaps this is a bid clearer.

Close the initial Window.

Drag the 'little' Window to fill the screen, then Close from the File menu.

This advice, which worked for me, came from VOG

  lucky1 15:24 18 Apr 2004

...for bid read bit!!!

  CDL 17:47 18 Apr 2004

Hi VOG / lucky1
Yes - in Internet Explorer.

Thanks again lucky1,but that doesn't work either.
I'm sure that there's a option somewhere ...but where !?


  TommyRed 19:56 18 Apr 2004


  CDL 23:43 18 Apr 2004

Thanks TommyRed - - but whats that mean ??

  VoG II 23:52 18 Apr 2004

Close all IE windows except the little one.

Drag the little one to fill the screen - do not use the maximise button.

File/Close (do not use X).

That's all I know and usually it works.

^ is a bump. Better than reposting the same question over and over ;o)

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