XP / WIN98SE networking problem

  The Pretender 14:29 02 Apr 2003

All three of my computers used to be on Windows 98SE, they were networked and shared an internet connection using Analogue X proxy server as I could never get Microsoft ICS to work. Then I upgraded the main computer (connected to Pipex Broadband) to XP Professional, this will be easy I thought, I can just use the networking and ICS wizards to sort everything out.I set it up creating a floppy disk which I then used on the two other machines but neither the network nor the ICS worked. I then used the proxy server which gave me ICS back but no network. The connection is unreliable however and keeps disappearing. I have tried running the wizard several times since but I get a message saying that a fault has occurred and I should set the network up manually. Having attempted this, I now find that XP does not support NETBUI protocol so I am stuck. Could someone either tell me where I am going wrong with setting the network up automatically, or tell me how to set it up manually. Ideally I would prefer not to use the proxy server as it's just one more thing to worry about.

  fitshase 17:56 02 Apr 2003

I'm not sure but I think you problem may be with the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I'm certain you don't need to use that with broadband.

Just link the computers together and run the network wizard in XP. Ignore the proxy server and ignore ICS.

I have got one PC on Win98 and one PC on XP and I just connected them together, ran the wizard and everything worked.

I am sure there are a few network wizards out there who will go into more depth but at least you will be back to the top of the list.



  Rayuk 18:20 02 Apr 2003

When you installed the network with WinXP did you disable the firewall first as this can cause problems.You can reenable it after you have set everything up.

  The Pretender 20:00 02 Apr 2003

Thanks for your responses,as I said everything worked OK before installing XP. I have checked that the XP firewall is disabled, and I have just run through the whole network wizard process again, creating a floppy on the main PC and then using it to update the settings on the other 2 but still no joy. The other 2 PCs can see one another, but the main one is not visible to them and vice versa. Any more ideas anyone?

  Legolas 20:23 02 Apr 2003

Just a thought when you ran the wizard on your main machine you did,nt change any names?

  billyliv 20:35 02 Apr 2003

Hi, I had the same probs with XP and two machines on ME until I fitted a router between my cable modem and my computers. It still isnt complete as I can only share printers on the ME machines. Cheers, Bill

  The Pretender 20:47 02 Apr 2003

I've checked the names, computer descriptions and workgroup, all seem to be OK. I should have mentioned earlier that the network is connected via a 5 port min-hub.

  recap 20:50 02 Apr 2003

The Pretender, use TCP/IP and not NETBUI as TCP/IP is a more recognised protocol and you should not have any hichoughs once your network is set up.

Set up IP addressing:

machine 1,

machine 2,

machine 3,

subnet mask,

each machine should have it's own unique name.

  billyliv 20:52 02 Apr 2003

Hi, Just to clarify, A hub and router are two different pieces of hardware. cheers, Bill

  The Pretender 21:27 02 Apr 2003

Thanks, have tried with fixed IP addresses as you suggest and with automatic, no change. I don't think that the hub is the problem because it worked fine before XP

  AJBoon 21:58 02 Apr 2003

You nust have some sort of firewall or one of your names is wrong, if you have used the ip addresses given above and all the sharing etc is correct then you should have a network at a minimum. The internet should work direct through the XP machine but don't keep using the crappy XP setup disk just set everything manually. I used ccproxy and that was ok but still intermittent, best thing to do is get a router about £50-60 and a million times easier!!

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