XP & Win2000 peer to peer

  neko 22:40 18 Aug 2003


Anyone know of a site that will help me connect my Win Xp machine with my Win 2000 machine?

Or can you help?

NIC cards are installed ok and XP's connection wizard worked fine but I dont know what I am doing with Win 2000.

The Xp machine is set up as the internet connected machine and I am using a crossover cable. I made a network connection disk via XP but it says it is not for 95 or NT machines.
I thought XP was a newer NT.
When I look at the connection wizards on Win 2000
none of them reflect what I want to do. For instance they are for dial up connections or ask for which parralell port I want to use to connect.
Im sure what is confusing for me is easy for one of you lot.

Thanks in advance.

  .dave 22:45 18 Aug 2003

This should be fairly simple.
If you are sure both of your network cards are functioning properly give the 2000 PC a static IP address.
Or put them in the same WORKGROUP and connect using the PC name

  jazzypop 22:46 18 Aug 2003

Just insert the floppy that you made in the W2k PC, and double-click the .exe file (from within Windows Explorer). The file works just fine with W2K.

  neko 23:01 18 Aug 2003

I am just leaving for a night shift.
Thought I might get a response tommorow!!

The floppy when run states that it is not for Win2000 only for Win 98 ME an XP unfortunately.
In local area connection properties the TCP\IP properties is set to automatically obtain an IP address. Does this want a manual one in? If so can you recommend one as I am not sure on all the numbers.
The Xp machine is set to obtain one automatically.
Does part of that IP address have to be the same as the Win2000 machine? If so, will I have to manually set that one as well? as it will have a different one every time the machine is turned on.
I have to go to work. Thanks for replying so quickly and I hope I am making sense!!
I will look at any responses you may give in the morning.
Thanks again

  .dave 23:07 18 Aug 2003

I'm assuming that the XP machine has a modem there your ISP will give you an IP address for that.
(My understanding of the next bit is a bit hazy as it is a long time since I have dome this)

The IP address belongs to the network card not the PC so you can give both the cards a static IP address (manual)
You can give them whatever you live but I would go with:
As those are automatic private addresses

  jazzypop 06:53 19 Aug 2003

If you are going to assign IP addresses manually, they should be be in the 192.168.0.x range (e.g., etc).

However, there should not be a need to set them manually. Clear and simple advice is available at click here and click here

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