xp will not load

  britto 12:14 05 Jun 2004

emachine 140,1.1 Celeron,os XP.
a mate has has this comp and it will not load xp it gets to the xp logo and either the screen blacks out or it toggles between emachine logo & xp logo,He has tried the recovery disc's to reinstall but no different,can get to start of safe mode which shows error message "The system is not fully installed".does this mean the harddrive is kaput or could it be a virus?. I tried downloading and running XP from six floppy disks this got to disc 5 and gave error "File NTFS.SYS caused an unexpected error (4097) at line 5010 in d\\base\boot\setup.c." The bios shows, Primary master Samsung su2001h,nothing in slave, Secondary master or secondary slave. although it has the original dvd and later shop fitted cdrw installed. There was a similar thread on fri but not resolved , would be most grateful for any help. cheers britto

  britto 13:08 05 Jun 2004

I need to log off for a few hours if anyone has any thoughts please post them and will read them later, thanks.

  Graham ® 13:11 05 Jun 2004

NTFS.SYS is the hard drive filing system. As the CD and DVD drives are not detected, try disconnecting the cables. The drivers may be corrupted.

  gold 47 13:31 05 Jun 2004

What OS did the computer come with?? as i think E machine computers come with recovery software on a hidden partition with this on,if it came With WME there's your problem.
If the computer came with XP i don't see why it can't be recoved, you could of cause format the drive put a windows 98 or WME floppy in and choose without CD Rom support on the A:\ prompt type in format c:,BUT ALL DATA WILL BE LOST INCLUDING THE HIDDEN PARTITION so you would have to download drivers for your graphics and sound ect if he can get his hands on another computer.
You must use windows XP full version for this,but as a rule you don't have todo this with XP.
If i have got this wrong there are many people better in IT than me.

  gold 47 16:10 05 Jun 2004

Sorry should have read recovered.

  britto 18:05 05 Jun 2004

bump and cheers back later

  britto 00:54 06 Jun 2004

can any night owls with this?

  harps1h 01:10 06 Jun 2004

possibly the simplest thing to do is reformat the disk. to do this go into your bios and change the boot up sequence to cd first. then put in the xp disk and this will ask you if you want to reformat or repair an installation. choose reformat.
if it still comes up with a boot sector fault it may mean a new drive

  britto 01:26 06 Jun 2004

Thanks harps1h, I have used the restore cd (don't have a full version) it always says it has been sucessful but will not load beyond XP logo all drive and screen lights go on and off as if it is trying reboot

  harps1h 01:41 06 Jun 2004

are you a student for if you are you could get a
licensed version cheaper than i could, or and excuse FE, you could obtain a "backup" copy. firstly though i would disconnet any peripherals attatched to the computer, eg, sound card, modem, etc., in fact if you have on board graphics take out your graphics card and see if the system boots then if it does put back in each item one at a time to see if there was a conflict. something may be stopping it boot up.
i had a problem in that the computer would switch on but i couldn't even get a post screen. took out the graphics card and it started first time. you just never know!

  britto 02:27 06 Jun 2004

Thanks harps1h and all, Had stripped everything out in desparation swapped monitors and ole! in hindsight I should have tried this before but the logo screen was on so thought it was ok. Why would the screen work for logo but not XP? drivers maybe but other moniter works in full resolution without loading anything

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