XP: What are the essential background progs ?

  Peverelli 09:02 19 Mar 2003

When playing midi or recording audio my computer occasionally 'stutters' for about a tenth of a second. I think one or more of the processes running in the background hogging resources is the cause. I want to close down as many processes as possible to see if this is the case. In W98 it is advisable to keep Explorer & Systray running. What programs MUST be kept running in XP?

800MHz Athlon, 384Mb RAM, Audigy2 sound card.

  JoeC 09:48 19 Mar 2003

for a list of the things you can safely disable or set to manual

click here

  « Ravin » 09:53 19 Mar 2003

happens to me too, have come to accept it as inevitable.. would be interested to know if you can solve it :)

  JoeC 10:02 19 Mar 2003
  Peverelli 10:25 19 Mar 2003

Thanks Joe C. I'll have a look - but for now must sleep (nightshift).

«Ravin» If I succeed in stopping the 'stuttering', I'll let you know which processes were killed to achieve it.

  Peverelli 10:38 19 Mar 2003

PS, I use the second link you mention quite often (in fact I believe I was the first to mention it back in the early days of this forum) but it isn't up to date. It doesn't, for example, mention csrss.exe which is one of the apps running in the background on my computer. The first link looks useful. I'm hoping there's a site out there somewhere which is specific to XP.

  JoeC 10:45 19 Mar 2003

"I'm hoping there's a site out there somewhere which is specific to XP."
The first site is XP specific. : }

  Peverelli 16:19 19 Mar 2003

Sorry Joe C, told you I needed sleep :O)

I'm looking at the first site now & will try out a few of its suggestions - after my brain has finally worked out what day it is.

  cream. 16:33 19 Mar 2003

If you are using X\P and you want to modify the msconfig \ startup files. Then you can safely untick everything and reboot.

If you burn cdrw's then make sure either incd or direct c\d are ticked.

If this improves things then you can go back and retick them one at a time to find out what has been hogging the system.

  Peverelli 21:03 19 Mar 2003

JoeC's first link advises not to use msconfig to disable services. It suggests using services.msc instead.

I've disabled most of the services suggested on the site and will now wait to see if there's an improvement (or if the computer is about to die on me!!)

  cream. 06:47 20 Mar 2003

Sorry I thought you were looking at programmes starting with windows boot up and not services.

You can still try the startup tab to see if there is a "memory leak" with any of your startup progs.

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