XP / W98 Network problem

  slowhand_1000 15:42 20 Jan 2004

After having set-up a home network 2 weeks or so ago all seemed to be going well – apart from the odd glitch. That is until today.

The set-up is: 2 pc’s running W98SE (named for now A and B) and a laptop running XP Home connected through a Mercury Broadband Router. All firewalls are off apart from the router that has built in firewall. All pc’s were set up on the network using XP Wizard. There are shared folders on all pc’s. All pc’s can access the internet ok.

All the pc’s can ping each other and there’s a small messaging prog called ‘Stickies’ that can also ping messages to each pc.

When looking on the laptop for others within the network all that is visible is the laptop and 1 other pc named A. But access to pc A is denied.

When looking on pc A for others within the network all that is visible is pc B and no laptop.

When looking on pc B all that is visible is pc A and no laptop.

The config network settings for each pc are:-

pc A (98se): Client for Microsoft Networks, Microsoft Family Login, Dial-Up Adaptor, Microsoft TV/Video Connection, Realtek PCI Ethernet NIC, NetBEUI - Dial-Up Adaptor, NetBEUI - Realtek PCI Ethernet NIC, TCP/IP - Dial-Up Adaptor, TCP/IP - Realtek PCI Ethernet NIC, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks.

The bindings are all selected in NetBEUI and TCP/IP for the 3 Network components and File and Print Sharing are ticked.

pc B (98se): Identical settings

Laptop (XP): In the Network Connections window listed are the following:
2 dial ups - disconnected, Internet Connection - enabled, Network Bridge 5 - enabled, Local Area Network - enabled, bridged, 1394 Connection – enabled, bridged.

The Network Bridge properties are:

Adaptors – Local Area Connection & 1394 Connection both selected.

The window underneath headed ‘This connection uses the following items’ has the following for both Adaptors: Client for Microsoft Networks, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). All these items are selected.

I have tried right clicking on the Adaptors and selecting ‘Repair’ but an error message comes up saying “TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection. Cannot proceed”

One thing I have noticed is that the IP address’s on the pc’s does change from time to time. But would that not matter as IP address’s are obtained automatically?

Sorry it’s so long but apart from start again .....


PS. Any answers in layman's language please (*grins*)

  slowhand_1000 18:48 20 Jan 2004


  Gaz 25 19:24 20 Jan 2004

Ok mate, try removing the network bridge, in my opinion the wizard is incorrect.

Make the Firewire and LAN two sperate connections.

Configure PC A as

Configure PC B as

and Laptop as

This ensures nothing is taking its time to register on the network.

Let me know how you get on. These are the basics I would try first.


  spikeychris 19:32 20 Jan 2004

After you have followed the instructions from Gaz, make sure that you actually login to the Win98 machines with a user name, also have you installed NetBEUI on XP?

  Gemma 19:36 20 Jan 2004

Gaz 25 spot on. XP has a known fault with this. Advice is on the MS site. Do not allow the bridge.
If you have to use a subnet mask use

  slowhand_1000 20:14 20 Jan 2004

Gaz 25

To clarify before I hack away at it,

In the Network Connections window,

Remove Network Bridge - This is the item with a small logo of 2 bridges (cute). Just highlight this and delete?

To make the Firewire and LAN 2 separate connections - Would I just delete 1 of them and in Network Tasks panel click on Create a new connection and follow the wizard?

Configure pc's to fixed IP - This is done through the TCP/IP properties yes, but if I delete the Network Bridge this is the only place I can see the TCP/IP properties on the XP machine.

Also would it be better to configure the IP with each pc off the network.


All machines are logged onto with a user name. NetBEUI is not installed on the XP machine. The XP help says that is discontinued and that this protocol is not supported by XP

Sorry to be a pain but it's the 1st time I have networked pc's.

  spikeychris 20:17 20 Jan 2004

Its not but it can be installed. Personally I always us netBIOS...

  Gaz 25 20:51 20 Jan 2004

Yes the icon with the two bridges...

Right click and delete yes.

It should then replace the other connections back to normal connections.

It is a known prob. with XP and thats why I dont use the set-up wizard. I prefer to do it all manually.

  Gaz 25 20:57 20 Jan 2004

NetBIOS is essential for a network to work correctly, but always disable NetBIOS on internet connections for security reasons.

NetBEUI is not required.

  spikeychris 21:07 20 Jan 2004

Gaz 25, run that one by me again my friend. I'm talking netBIOS over TCPIP.

  Gaz 25 21:18 20 Jan 2004

Yes. Ensure NetBios is running on your LAN connection in TCP/IP settings.


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