XP / Vista - Setting up a Dual boot

  Tabvla 09:25 16 May 2006

In anticipation of the release of Vista next year I want to setup a dual-boot system. My initial plan (subject to many changes!) is as follows:-

* Setup 2 identical instances of XP Pro in two partitions on the same physical disk
* Instigate a dual boot option to enable booting into either instance
* When Vista is released, purchase the upgrade version and upgrade one of the XP instances to Vista

I am looking for suggestions / links / white papers that will enable me to accomplish the following.

TiA (Thanks in Advance)

  SANTOS7 11:04 16 May 2006

First thing you will need is TWO copy's of XP Pro and a licence for each of them, cost that against a full version of Vista rather than an upgrade..

  €dstowe 11:18 16 May 2006

Why not wait until Vista is available? Only then will we know of its capabilities, its positives, its negatives and, most important, how to use it correctly.

Microsoft have yet to finish development work on this new O/S so anything you are told now, even though that may be made in good faith, may not necessarily be relevant or correct in the final marketed version.

  mgmcc 11:52 16 May 2006

It SHOULDN'T be necessary to have two copies of XP Pro, because you are installing twice into the SAME hardware, the only difference being the partition it is installed into. That one difference shouldn't prevent the second copy from activating. Alternatively, use software to "clone" the installation to the second partition, although the Boot.ini file in the root of "C" drive would have to be configured manually to provide the dual boot.

  SANTOS7 12:19 16 May 2006

Wasn't actually sure if you could seems that you can...

Yes. Instructions for "Performing a Parallel Windows XP Professional
Installation" are on pages 1278-1279 of the Windows XP Professional Resource
Kit, Second Edition, from Microsoft Press. Some have questioned whether the
EULA allows parallel installs from the same WinXP CD-ROM (license), but this
MS Press publication says: "Infrequently, startup files and critical areas
on the hard disk become corrupted. If you are mainly concerned with
salvaging readable data files and using the Backup tool to copy them to
backup media or a network location, you can perform a parallel Windows XP
Professional installation."

  SANTOS7 12:21 16 May 2006

Bit more info..

multi-booting say using one copy of Windows XP. On a single computer, Can I legally put 4 installations on 4 partions on my computer? The answer is yes cause you can only operate one at a time. Can I legally install on 4 different computers in my house, the answer is no cause you can operate all 4 at the same time.

As far as activation goes XP will allow you to activate the same number 5 times without calling unless you had changed some of your hardware. Doing a multiboot obviously you have the same identical hardware, no prob...

  Pine Man 15:38 16 May 2006

Not wishing to hijack this thread but following on from your views on parallel installations are you suggesting that I could install my legit copy of XP on the second HD of my PC as well as the first HD. My first hard drive is in dire need of reformatting and reinstallation and I could get my second drive up and running before trashing the first if that is the case.

  Pine Man 15:47 16 May 2006

Sorry about my thread to SANTOS7, shouldn't have hijacked your original thread.

  Tabvla 16:07 16 May 2006

Yes you can. However, it would probably be preferable to used an application that is dedicated to this type of work. Some suggestions....

* Norton Ghost. Has received some very bad publicity in the past. Don't use it myself so can't comment.

* Acronis True Image. This is what I use, but it is a very complex application. Possibly the best tool for complex jobs and if you are reasonably technical. If you go for this option be sure to read the User Guide at least twice before you even install!! (Available as a PDF download).

* Copy Commander. Much easier to use. Does not support attached or networked drives so it has limitations. But if both disks are internal in the same box then this might be just what you need.

  Pine Man 16:18 16 May 2006

Thanks Tabvla, I've recently ditched Ghost and got True Image - I'll use that.

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