XP to Vista - how much Ram?

  VNAM75 13:46 26 Mar 2008

I want to upgrade from XP pro to Vista ultimate. My computer has an amd3800 cpu and 1gb ram which I will upgrade to 2gb.

Will an amd3800 run vista ultimate comfortably and would 2gb ram be enough or should I go for 3gb in total? I have 2 spare ram slots on the mb, which I can either add 2 x 512mb or 2 x 1gb.

An extra 2 x 1gb would give me 3gb in total but I want to avoid spending the extra £30 if possible.
And are there are still driver issues with vista and does the service pack resolve these? I use the computer for most things up to video encoding.

  peter_l1993 14:06 26 Mar 2008

2GB RAM should be fine. I can run Vista on my 1.5GB AMD 3400 quite comfortably. Although you should check your graphics card is compatible. As for driver issues, use the Vista Upgrade Advisor(here: click here) to check your devices will run with Vista. It has been reported that SP1 makes some driver issues worse, although it's not confirmed.

  Totally-braindead 14:21 26 Mar 2008

I wonder if the Ultimate uses more resources than the Premium?

I'm not putting you off the upgrade but I found that when I moved from XP to Vista on my AMD 3500+ it was considerably slower than XP. Where things before were instant with Vista it took a couple of seconds. Admitadly I only have 1 gig of RAM and that must have had an effect as Vista is very memory hungry but I still got a bit of a surprise as I didn't expect such a hit.

Now I reverted to XP not just due to the speed but I had other issues which may well be solved now as I tried it early last year but I would check whether the Ultimate version needs more oomf than the Premium version just in case.

I'm afraid Vistas much advertised WOW didn't have any effect on me at all it was more " is that it?" sort of thing. And my XP installation is rock steady and I can't recall the last time I ever had a problem.

I'm sure its a good OS but its not for me at the moment.

  anskyber 14:24 26 Mar 2008

Most driver issues are resolved.

The SP1 driver issue is more about how the drivers were installed rather than whether they work. Given you will update drivers as part of the upgrade process (vista does it for you if you have an active internet connection at the time of upgrade) you should not have that particular problem.

  VNAM75 15:10 26 Mar 2008

Thanks for the replies.

TB, I think the ram must have been the bottleneck not the cpu. My amd3800 is pretty good and you can get it from ebuyer for about £30 now. When I have my pc on the max with many apps I find that the ram can often go down to its last 10mb (not good!?)

I tend to wait at least a year before jumping on to a new Operating system. I think I'll go for 3gb ram in total so as to future proof it a bit longer.

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